Underwear is invisible to others, but it affects how we look and, most importantly, our comfort. What features of a bra should you pay attention to when choosing? Maybe in this selection you will find a bodice that suits you even more than your usual underwear.

Degree of support

What to focus on first when choosing a bra model? On the size of your chest: the larger it is, the more important support is.

For a small chest, a model without pits and even without a fastener, with removable foam cups and decorative braid, can be optimal.

A little more «serious» — a top made of elastic lace, also with removable cups. Please note that its straps are not adjustable in length; the task of supporting the chest here is performed by the elastic band and the material itself. The degree of support is light.

Large breasts usually require more support, with non-removable underwire cups and adjustable shoulder straps to fit the size perfectly to your figure.


You and your closest people see underwear, but its appearance and quality are very important: they affect the feeling of the body and mood. It is important that you like the underwear and match your idea of ​​​​beauty. Push-up bras will flatter your figure, while trendy wire-free bras with extra straps will give you support without being too hard on your bust. And they look very impressive in their own way.

Sports tops, which we wrote about earlier, can also reflect your individual style. They can be worn to the gym, and for a run, and whenever you want; their advantage is that they do not look out of place, even if visible under clothing, for example, under a sports shirt.

Another important point related to style is the compatibility of underwear with clothes. If you like deep necklines, a balconette bra that reveals the chest will suit you; it will give you the support you need and won’t be visible under your clothes.

The wide waistband and silicone bra band included in the set allow you to wear a strapless bra — and therefore under open dresses.

Special tasks

Sometimes a bra needs more than just breast support. Special nursing bras are able to adapt to changing shape and size of the breast; their reliable wide straps do not rub and well support a breast. But the main superpower of such a bodice is the ability to quickly access the chest by pressing one button (and the bodice fastens in the same way).


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