New Year is a time of miracles! Parents so want to please their baby with an amazing gift. Every mom and every dad dream of keeping faith in a miracle, Santa Claus and New Year’s magic in the child’s heart for a longer time.

And, of course, the New Year is troubles and worries — how can you please your child? This is always a difficult question. We want to help you and have collected gifts for every taste and age in this article!

For girls

What girl doesn’t love dolls? Everyone loves dolls — from very little ones to already adult young ladies. The choice of dolls is truly great, but not a single girl can resist a charming baby doll or a baby doll. Beautiful hair, clothes, movable arms and legs, expressive faces. And do not forget about the stroller for the doll and furniture for her house.

And if the baby loves hand toys that she can not part with even for a minute, then you should pay attention to fashion dolls or interactive pets.

For boys

It seems that it is easy for boys to buy a gift. Machine, constructor or robot — what’s so difficult? But it was not there. As soon as you start to choose, your eyes run wide and you no longer understand where to look. First, think about what the baby is interested in. Maybe he dreams of flying to the moon or is fond of military helicopters. Then preference should be given to air technology.

And if you don’t know about the boy’s hobbies, then choose what all the guys from young to old love — cars: big and small, racing and trucks.

For babies

When choosing gifts for kids, first of all, pay attention to the safety of the toy: there should be no small parts or sharp corners. Soft toys will delight all children, and if they are also interactive — they can talk or walk, then the delight of the gift is guaranteed.

Finally, do not forget about yourself and your loved ones. The best gift for the New Year will be the symbol of the year — the Tiger. It will be a really amazing and relevant present under the Christmas tree.

Whatever you choose, remember that the main thing in gifts is the people who give them. Happy New Year!


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