Jean jacket — a thing that relevant for decades. Therefore, this beauty is a profitable investment in the wardrobe, she will definitely stay in actuality for a long time. Choose a denim jacket that suits the style and color and save yourself the problem of “what to wear?” on chilly evenings.

Another big plus is quality. Yes, such a thing will be fashionable even with your grandchildren, but how to protect jeans from early wear? Partially, the ZHUKOVA CARE team has already taken care of this: all our jackets are made of cotton, which ensures wear resistance. You can also be sure of the quality of sewing jackets — neat stitches and only reliable fittings.

But you, too, can take care of extending the life of your jacket. Follow two simple rules:

🙏🏻 Follow the care instructions on the sewn-in tag. The manufacturer has already told you how to wash, dry and iron a thing, trust him.

🙏🏻 Don’t let your jeans stay in the sun for a long time: 940 hours in the sun is enough to reduce its durability by half! Therefore, do not leave it once again in bright sunlight: remove it from the front seat of the car, hide it under the covered terrace in a cafe, cover it with a towel on the beach.

Take care of your beauty — a denim jacket — and she will please you for more than one season!


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