thermal underwear — this is functional underwear, the main purpose of which is thermoregulation, i.e. maintaining the optimal temperature of the human body in various environmental conditions. Besides that thermal underwear keeps warmit is also removes moisture from the surface of the body (during active movement), provides ventilation and overheat protectionwhich is important in summer.

«It is important to understand that thermal underwear does not heat itself, but only retains the heat generated by your body. Thermal underwear differs from ordinary underwear in its better ability to accumulate heat between the skin and fabric, which minimizes heat loss»

The air contained in the linen, in contact with the body, is heated to a comfortable temperature. Thus, a protective layer of warm air is created between the skin and the cold external environment, it turns out heat preservation effect. Improved thermal insulation is achieved by using materials with low thermal conductivity (for ordinary linen it is wool, cashmere or silk, for thermal underwear — polypropylene, and sometimes polyester) and air content in fibers and fabrics (for example, hollow fibers Termolite, Meryl Nexteen, Softprim, fabrics with air microsinuses, etc.).

The second task of thermal underwear is to remove moisture

It is known that during active human activity (sports, outdoor activities, intense physical work, and sometimes just walking), the skin begins to release a sufficiently large amount of moisture (sweat). Such moisture, accumulating in the fabric of ordinary linen, sharply reduces its thermal insulation properties, creates discomfort and often leads to hypothermia and colds. Ordinary underwear, as a rule, is made from natural (cotton, linen, wool, etc.), artificial (viscose, etc.) and other materials that absorb and retain moisture, preventing its rapid evaporation. On the other hand, since it dries slowly, the cooling time of the body after the end of physical activity is significantly increased. And this can lead to overheating, which is also unpleasant.

thermal underwear is able to remove moisture from the surface of the body without retaining it in the structure of the tissue itself, always keeping the skin dry. To do this, it is made from special synthetic fibers that do not absorb moisture and do not retain it on their surface. At the same time, a protective layer of warm air between the skin and the external cold environment, due to the pressure difference, pushes vaporous moisture to the surface of the thermal underwear. The thermal underwear brings the moisture (liquid) formed on the skin to the surface due to the capillary effect.

Moisture quickly evaporates from the surface of the thermal underwear or passes into the next layers of clothing, up to the complete withdrawal to the outside. This reduces body heat loss in cold weather, allows for more efficient use of a person’s own heat, saves energy, maintains thermal comfort, prevents skin irritation and hypothermia.

Hygienic features of thermal underwear.

First of all, it should not cause allergies, as is the case with low-quality synthetic materials and, sometimes, wool. And since the use of thermal underwear is often associated with intense sweating, this function is even more important. Good thermal underwear additionally has bacteriostatic or antibacterial propertiesdoes not create conditions for the reproduction of harmful microorganisms, prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Thermal underwear will not necessarily be distinguished by an exquisite design, however, it is very important that it be pleasant to the touch, elastic and well-fitted to the body — due to this, the efficiency of moisture removal increases and thermal underwear does not hinder movement during active physical exertion. Sufficient elasticity is provided by the presence of special fibers Spandex (r), elastane, Lycra (r) in the composition of fabrics for thermal underwear. In addition, underwear should be made using special flat seams that do not rub the skin.

«The thermal underwear can be made from polyesterpolypropylene, wool, cotton or their combinations. Depending on the proportions of the content of these components, thermal underwear acquires certain properties and receives a different purpose.

With intense physical exertion and fairly low temperatures, both properties of thermal underwear are necessary — heat retention and removal of excess moisture from the skin surface. Modern high-quality thermal underwear successfully copes with this task. This is achieved through the use of innovative materials and technologies.


· Anatomic cut;

· Flat seams;

· Good warming properties;

Pleasant to the body, does not cause irritation;

· Easy washing and quick drying;

Wide range of sizes;

· Low price.

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