With age, our face changes and, unfortunately, not always for the better. Special pull-up bandage masks are one way to fight this injustice.

What is a bandage mask

With age, our muscles and skin become much weaker, their tone decreases, the muscle frame begins to change shape. As a result, a second chin appears, the skin sags and, in general, the deformation of the face oval becomes more noticeable. A fabric mask-bandage helps to solve this problem. This is a kind of elastic bandage that directly affects certain areas of the face and neck and makes the skin more toned.

How it works

The bandage creates a certain compression, which improves blood circulation and thus stimulates the destruction of fat cells.

And if you work your facial muscles when you are wearing a bandage, you can feel the real effect of the simulator. You move your muscles, and the bandage forces you to put a lot more effort into it. So, doing the most ordinary household chores or even going to bed in a tightening mask, you also train the muscles of the face and neck. And that’s good at any age. If, when using bandage masks, cosmetic products are applied to the skin (for wrinkles, for tightening, and others), then the effect of cosmetics will increase several times.

What problems does a fabric bandage solve?

We can recommend wearing such a bandage to those who want:

  • reduce double chin
  • improve the oval of the face
  • make wrinkles less visible
  • remove the «fluff»
  • improves skin tone

If a face mask solves such important problems, then why not use it?


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