There are many reasons and motives for which a car enthusiast decides to tint the windows of his vehicle — this is both aesthetic appeal and completely rational grounds, such as protection from harmful solar radiation, temperature effects and prying eyes. Let’s have a brief but very informative overview of tinting offers and alternative solutions for car window tinting.

What are the suggestions?

As a rule, in tinting centers you will not be able to purchase film for self-pasting, since the film in such centers is purchased in large formats and in large footage. This is due to the specifics of the work and the reduction in the cost of the film for the center itself, but not for the client who decided to tint the car. In practice, American trademarks with brand status are represented in such centers, which makes the cost of such trademarks, already not cheap, more expensive by another 30%. At the same time, after pasting, there are no guarantees that it is precisely the film of an American manufacturer that is installed on your car (often, unscrupulous salons put films of a lower class in boxes from premium brands, passing them off as American women, since most often an ordinary client does not understand the quality of films + an important role is played by the «gift of persuasion» of the toner).

Now let’s take a closer look at the cost of the film and work.

We note right away that the cost of work is indicated by the pretext «From» and «Above», depending on the class of the car. But at the same time, the year of manufacture of the vehicle does not matter, whether it is the latest European jeep or an old «Japanese», the price is the same in both cases. Moreover, the cost of the entire complex of works and materials is not entirely clear, which creates some doubt about the final cost of car tinting.

As a result, if you have no doubts and you are ready to pay an immodest amount for car tinting in a tinting center, then you are fully entitled to make such a decision, since in some situations this will be the right decision. As a rule, the main motive for contacting the center is the purchase of a new car or the lack of skills and desire to deal with window tinting on their own.

Consider alternative ways to tint auto glass.

On sale on store shelves there are rolls of tinting in Chinese-made cardboard packaging at fairly low prices, which cannot but attract a buyer who decides to paste over the windows of his car with his own hands. Such a film has an interesting marking with very vague concepts of light transmission and, conditionally, is divided into three types: «Black», «Dark Black» and «Super Dark Black». Of course, such a film is affordable in terms of cost, but it entails a number of significant drawbacks. Firstly, such films do not have any protective properties against harmful radiation, the optical characteristics are low due to the use of low-quality materials in the manufacture, and the light transmission does not correspond to percentages. Secondly, they have a weak adhesiveness, therefore, these films have a short service life of 1 to 1.5 years. Thirdly, with significant heating in hot weather, deformation of the film and the formation of bubbles are possible, and when dismantled, the film leaves unpleasant adhesive residues on the glass, which can be removed only by special means, which will have to be spent on.

As in the first case, the buyer has the right to choose whether or not to glue such a film on his car. It is possible to use this film in places where optical and other, very useful, characteristics of modern tint films are not so important. Also, it is possible to use Chinese film for training purposes for self-pasting, why not?

Thus, we came to a definite conclusion on the tinting of the car. There are two solutions — contacting a tinting center or tinting the car yourself.

The golden mean, or there is a solution!

In the event that a decision is made on a serious, independent pasting of car windows, the question arises of purchasing a high-quality modern film of acceptable sizes for one or more cars. In this situation, an excellent solution is a South Korean-made tint film in individual packaging, including sets of two rolls in one tube, of your choice. This format of tint film packaging in practice turned out to be a very convenient solution when performing car tinting tasks.

Firstly, it is worth emphasizing the ideal price-quality ratio of such tinting with self-pasting.

Secondly, the guarantee against fading of such a film is at least 10 years! Considering that during these years the car is most often sold, we can safely say that during the operation of the auto tint film it will fully meet all the declared characteristics.

Summing up, I would like to emphasize that this review did not aim to identify specific figures for the adhesion of materials, their frictional properties and other physical characteristics. As a rule, these figures are necessary for a narrow circle of specialists pursuing certain goals. For the majority of car enthusiasts, general information about products and the price situation in this market segment will be enough, since the car enthusiast votes for this or that proposal with his ruble!

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