Everyone seems to know about the importance of Vitamin D for the body. Supplementation with vitamin D helps:

— strengthening muscles and bones;

— increase immunity;

— improvement of mood;

— better work of the heart muscle;

— reduction of various inflammatory processes in the body.

We can get vitamin D in three ways:

— from the sun;

— from food;

— using nutritional supplements.

Let’s be honest, how many of us sunbathe year-round without sunscreen or eat enough seafood? The answer is obvious. Unfortunately, it is not in favor of the majority.

That is why the competent intake of dietary supplements will help to fill the existing deficiencies of macro and microelements.

Surely among your friends there are those who cannot swallow capsules or tablets, who are tired of dripping and counting drops. Guessed?

We have a solution! Vitamin D3 Consumed in the form of a spray.

Convenient submission form — when injected under the tongue, vitamin D enters directly into the bloodstream.

New advanced technology — vitamin D in the form of a spray is absorbed 2 times faster!

Plus to everything — ideal dosage of 500 IU in 1 spray — and we remember that the recommended dose of Vitamin D for adults is 400-600 IU per day.

And even if, on the recommendation of a doctor, you need a large dose, then it is easy to get it with additional sprays, and not capsules, which is much more convenient.

In addition to vitamin D3 for adults, we have vitamin D3 spray for children! Forget about chasing a child with a spoon in your hands. Puff and done!

Buy, try, tell your friends, leave feedback and comments!

Be healthy and do not forget to consult a specialist before taking.


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