Today, the game console market is represented by an abundance of a wide variety of gadgets, each of which has its own uniqueness.

We will take you closer to the Titan multi-platform gaming system, tell you about its features relative to game consoles from other series, and consider the benefits in more detail.

The category of Titan consoles, models of which are sold by New Game, is a range of gaming multifunctional systems.

Titan is a multi-platform video set-top box, endowed with a built-in collection of a huge number of multi-genre and popular 8-bit and 16-bit games. Simultaneously!

1. Built-in game collection, support memory card and create your own gallery!

Each Titan series video console contains built-in 8- and 16-bit game collections. This can rightfully be considered a significant advantage, since you have even more opportunities to find your favorite game among their considerable number in the collection. In addition, after testing the game console in practice, you will be able to evaluate and compare the graphic image of both Dendy and Sega Mega Drive.

Titan video consoles are compatible with microSD and microSDHC (FAT32 format) memory cards up to 32 GB, allowing you to create your own collection of music, photos, and, of course, 8-bit and 16-bit games.

Examples of video consoles of the Titan series from New Game:

· Titan 2 400 games

Titan 500 games

Titan 555 games

All presented models support downloading games, photos and music via SD card.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What file formats does Titan support?

· Games: 8-bit Dandy (.nes), 16-bit Sega (.bin);

Photo: bmp, jpg, png, gif;

· Music: mp3, oog, wav, flac, ac3, wma.

Where can I download 8-bit Dendy (.nes) and 16-bit Sega (.bin) games?

Through an Internet search, you can find large databases of games that are collected by video game fans.

How to use a MicroSD memory card and upload files to it?

An external storage medium can be used with the video set-top box — a microSD, microSDHC (FAT32 format) memory card, the memory size of which should not exceed 32 GB.

We recommend formatting the card before use.

· For ease of use, create folders on the memory card named GAME, MUSIC, PHOTO.

· Write files from your computer to a memory card.

· Insert the card into the memory card slot. Insert until you click.

· In the main menu, select the microSD (or microSDHC) partition and the required partition with recorded files.

Copied the .bin files to the memory card. When you select a game from a memory card, a white rectangle is displayed on the screen to the right of the list of games. Why is the picture of the game not showing up?

Previewing screenshots of games from a memory card is not possible, this function is not supported.

Connecting joysticks to video set-top boxes Titan

What joysticks are connected to the Titan video console?

All of the above models have a narrow connector (9 pin) for connecting joysticks.

In general, the connectors differ in size, pinout scheme on the joystick board, and compatibility with video set-top boxes. Joysticks with different connectors are not interchangeable. The type of connector for connecting joysticks to the set-top box is always indicated in the product card.

Are there wireless joysticks? What is the length of the joystick cord?

1) New Game makes wireless joysticks, but does not sell or recommend such models for 8- and 16-bit consoles. Wired joysticks are better suited for these set-top boxes, as the connection is more stable and the response time is faster.

2) The product card of the wired joystick model you are interested in contains all the important characteristics, including information about the length of the cord.

Connecting the Titan Console to a TV

Models of Titan video set-top boxes have different connectors and, accordingly, different cables for connecting to a TV: AV cable (audio-video cable, «tulip», as well as an analog video cable for signal transmission) and HDMI cable (high definition multimedia interface). Each game console comes with a matching cable. Connecting to the TV is at a low frequency.

The Titan 555 games video console, as an exception, can only be connected to a TV via an HDMI cable.

Game consoles «Titan 2 400 games» and «Titan 500 games» are connected exclusively via AV cable.

Connecting to a TV via an HDMI cable

1. Connect the console and TV with HDMI cable;

2. Set the TV to «HDMI video input» mode;

3. Connect the console’s network cable to 220V, then turn on the console.

Connecting to a TV via AV input (AV cable)

1. Connect the plugs of the audio-video cable to the audio-video output of the console;

2. Connect the yellow plug of the AV cable to the TV’s video input, and the white and red plugs of the cable to the TV’s audio inputs;

3. Switch the TV to VIDEO mode;

4. Connect the console’s network cable to 220V, then turn on the console.

Attention! Game resolutions are 8-bit and 16-bit lower than today’s TVs, so the picture quality will reflect the game’s capabilities. For best quality, adjust the TV picture. We recommend that you select a screen ratio of 4:3 when adjusting the image, so the image will be clearer. The video console plays games using the built-in emulator. In some cases, the playback speed of game video and audio may be different. This is a feature of the emulator and does not apply to malfunctions.

Also: 8-bit light gun games are not supported on these consoles and are not intended to be compatible with the light gun.

Rare cases and their solutions

What should I do if the entire screen is black and white when I connect the set-top box to the TV?

All sets of game consoles undergo pre-sale preparation, i.е. connected to the TV, joysticks and selectively the games themselves are checked. We recommend connecting in accordance with the instructions. Check the picture settings on the TV, the game consoles output the picture in PAL format.

I connected the Titan console to the TV, the games slow down a little, and the characters do not immediately respond to pressing the joystick. And on the other everything works fine. What could be the reason?

The Titan gaming system plays games using the built-in emulator. In some cases, the playback speed of game video and audio may differ. This is a feature of the emulator and does not apply to malfunctions. The picture size can only be adjusted through the TV settings.


So, we have reviewed the multi-platform gaming system Titan, and we hope that we have answered most of your important questions.

Our collections of 8-bit and 16-bit games will not only take you to the world of entertainment from the 80s and 90s, but also demonstrate an exciting gameplay. The New Game company is constantly developing and expanding its range, while maintaining all the most important and beloved for gamers.

We wish you a pleasant game and an interesting immersion in the world of retro games with the Titan video console!


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