Hat Life Explorer

This Life Explorer beanie has every reason to be called a miracle hat: it’s basic, dense enough to keep your ears from blowing out, made of acrylic and looks cool. A hat — a rethinking of the invariable attribute of Jacques-Yves Cousteau — will help create a fashionable image, inspire new discoveries and warm even in the very center of the Atlantic. Article: 9193967.

Beanie Real Talk

With the beginning of autumn, it becomes clear that the purchase of a new hat is inevitable. No matter how many of them are in the wardrobe, the extra one definitely does not hurt. Take a closer look at the Real Talk universal hat. This is a two-layer hat with an adjustable collar that will protect your head from the cold during the autumn wind or rain. In addition, the brand has expanded the color palette — up to eleven shades can be counted in the collection. Article: 7503758.

Scarf Nordkyn

Wrapped up in a scarf, it is much easier to endure the cold. The thick yarn Nordkyn scarf is made of acrylic, but that doesn’t make it bad. It’s simple: soft and warm canvas retains its original shape even after long wear. Hypoallergenic material suitable for people with sensitive skin. Take it — you won’t go wrong. Article: 9394481.

Nordkyn hat

Comfort has become our conscious choice. The basic Nordkyn beanie is a great addition to your fall/winter casual wardrobe. Made from 100% acrylic, the hat is the right length and is a pleasure to wear all day long. Thanks to acrylic fibers, the canvas is even, durable, perfectly retains its shape, does not deform and does not fade. Add to wish list! Article: 9193965.


Calm shades without prints and unnecessary details are what you need this fall. A single-layer Siver scarf in a smooth knit is ideal to wear under outerwear — a coat or jacket. The throat will not freeze, and you will keep your health. Article: 15292069.


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