Perhaps, many of you are familiar with the feeling when you are terribly late for a meeting or work, you open the closet, and there are clothes that are so necessary now in a wrinkled form. At the same time, you clearly remember that before going to bed you hung / la pre-ironed clothes on a hanger and did not bode well. Such an outcome of events, when clothes roll off the hanger, is possible if its cover is sliding and without the necessary recesses on both sides. Clothes have no choice but to simply slide off the hanger. Now the thing will have to be ironed again, which means the loss of precious time. It is in order to avoid such cases that metal coat hangers with a rubberized coating were invented, which we offer you. The soft non-slip layer of coat hangers does not allow clothes to slip. These hangers are perfect for saving space in your closet as they take up minimal space and hold up to 10kg. weight. Thanks to these simple devices, clothes do not wrinkle and are better preserved, and neat clothes are not only a manifestation of your character and the most positive traits, but also the ability to keep clothes in perfect condition


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