April and May is the time of warmth, sun and the first plantings in the garden. But, unfortunately, this is also the time when, along with planting seedlings, weeds are already beginning to appear on the beds. Often, summer residents fight garden pests the old fashioned way — they spend a lot of time with hoes, exterminating grass. In the modern world, there are new means of weed control — herbicides, which very successfully cope with their tasks — the destruction of weeds.

Agrokiller is a herbicide with a continuous spectrum of action for the fight against particularly malicious weeds. Due to the increased concentration of the active ingredient, the drug will easily destroy such difficult-to-extend plants as thistle, wheatgrass, cow parsnip, gout and even unwanted growth of shrubs and trees. Weeds are sprayed with its solution until the leaf surface is wetted. Neighboring cultivated plants must be protected from getting the drug with a film or plywood. Penetrating into plants, Agrokiller spreads through all its organs, including roots, and disrupts growth processes. After a few days, the weeds turn yellow, and after 2-3 weeks their complete death occurs. After that, the soil can be dug up and planted with cultivated plants. You do not have to worry about your seeds, Agrokiller is not active in the soil and will not damage the crop. With the help of Agrokiller, it is easy to clean uncultivated and virgin areas, soil before planting, areas before laying a lawn, areas along fences, paths. Spring and summer are the best suited for the use of Agrokiller.

Tornado — a means of continuous action with an enhanced formula of the active substance. Effectively destroys all types of unwanted vegetation. Powerful effect, excellent result. Tornado is a very effective weed control tool. It belongs to the category of herbicides of continuous action, effectively relieving summer cottages, vineyards and gardens from annual and perennial weeds. This is a universal destroyer that penetrates into weeds through leaves and stems, after which it penetrates into their root system, as a result, the plant dies completely.


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