Gifts for daughters, sisters and nieces are the most difficult to choose, because giving another soft toy is not an option, so you need to come up with something unusual. We will help you with this! There are some great options on our gift list. Decide and order soon!

Fancy doll or doll with accessories

A doll is never superfluous! Here, for example, a doll with anatomical correct proportions, and even of a different race, is definitely out of competition. And if your daughter is a fan of Barbie, then look for an option for her with additional accessories.

Children’s camera

If a future blogger is growing in your family, then a children’s camera is what you need! Let the baby learn to take pictures, and at the same time capture all the pleasant moments that happen in your family.

Backpack with sequins

For a little girl who loves everything shiny (and sequins are just in fashion now!), such a backpack will become simply indispensable. You can take it with you not only for a walk, but also to kindergarten, on a visit and for birthdays.

Creativity set

Various sets for creativity are not only interesting, but also useful. Drawing develops imagination, modeling and creating bracelets, fine motor skills, sewing and needlework are generally useful in adulthood. So there are a lot of advantages to such gifts!


With the onset of heat, you can gradually give up hats, so all kinds of hairpins and headbands are a very nice gift. What girl wouldn’t be excited to show off her new hair accessories?!

cute pajamas

Girls are girls! They will never turn down a new set of pajamas, even if they already have five similar ones. Choose options not only in pink, because now there are a lot of pajamas with a wide variety of prints. And they are pretty cute!

If you have not yet chosen a gift for mom or grandmother, then rather read our article. We have selected excellent options for them. And if you have your own ideas, share them in the comments. With coming!


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