Big earrings, choker chains, abstract shapes and eclectic combinations of pearls and metal — we understand the main fashion trends in jewelry and learn how to create a trendy look in 2021.

Large necklaces

One of the main trends, which is strongly promoted by both celebrities and fashion bloggers, is large necklace chains. However, we are not talking about the usual necklaces with a large number of stones. Today, minimalism and high-tech echoes rule the roost.

Believe me, whether it’s a casual look or a strict office suit, minimalist chain necklaces will help you stay on trend and emphasize your understanding of modern fashion.

Earrings of abstract shapes

Fashion goes in circles and one of the facts confirming this is that large earrings are in fashion again. The trend is in many ways similar to the necklaces described above — large, minimalistic, or regular geometric shapes (diamonds, circles), or completely abstract. Try to avoid inserts with stones — in this case, the size plays rather in the negative and you risk being branded by a person who does not understand what is in fashion now.

Eclecticism and pearls

The main trend that 2021 brought us is unusual combinations on the verge of eclecticism. Pearls and metal in their most unconventional combinations. The fashion was quickly picked up by stars, both men and girls. Half-pearl chains, large necklaces with pearl pendants and a key trend — bracelets with pearl clasps.

Another trend worth paying attention to is chokers and invisible necklaces with pearl elements.

So, the main trend directions of 2021 are:

— Large, but minimalistic jewelry, made in gold or silver;

– Abstract and geometric shapes;

– Eclecticism: pearls and metal, fur and fabric inserts;

It is on these trends that the concept of our brand is built. We advise you to get acquainted with JERONI products if you are looking for affordable jewelry that meets all modern fashion trends.


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