Finally, sunny days have come, and gradually the long-awaited summer time is creeping up on us.

In the process of selecting clothes that will make up your summer wardrobe, the first thing you should be puzzled by is the color scheme and style of your sets.

If we talk about actual summer shades, they are fresh and beautiful, like summer itself.

Delicate images can be created by choosing light lemon, yellow, sky blue, pink, pastel, coffee, lilac shades. And don’t forget the classic white a color that will help create a chic bow in any style

Cropped long sleeves

Undoubtedly, the long-sleeved longsleeve is the icing on the cake this season. Our FQ brand produces long sleeves with unusual design elements, while the products remain concise, not overloaded, basic.

The model fits perfectly on the girl’s figure, emphasizing her sexuality and eccentricity. What will help you stand out among others, and at the same time, thanks to the quality of the material, feel as comfortable as possible

The original female longsleeve of a straight silhouette with the most comfortable fit is suitable for creating countless images for every day (casual style, business, sports style).

The versatility of the long is that you can wear it to the office, university or school, combined with a strict dress code for business suits, for this, choose trousers and skirts with a high fit. When choosing a longsleeve as clothing for home, sports and leisure, there are no restrictions on the choice of bottoms, you can choose sweatpants, leggings, jeans, skirts or a sundress

The fabric is breathable, natural and moderately dense, soft to the touch. We recommend wearing white with flesh-colored underwear.

Blouses, shirts, crop tops

Complementing fashionable skirts, it is worth adding light blouses and chiffon shirts with buttons and fasteners to your summer wardrobe.

A strict shirt collar, a yoke collar, a collar with a bow, or a V-neckline is always relevant, simple and tasteful.

Fashionable blouses with open shoulders, bare back and ties, ruffles and flounces will be relevant this season.

A laconic shirt or blouse can be easily refreshed by adding neat jewelry in the form of chains, pendants, necklaces.

Both classic-style shirts and airy blouses of various styles are indispensable for the formation of business and office bows.

Cropped tops with lace look unusually gentle and feminine, which will be an appropriate addition to high-waisted skirts, bell skirts, and pencil skirts.


In the summer without a dress anywhere. Moreover, your summer wardrobe should include not one, but several summer dresses and sundresses of different styles, textures and colors.

Answering the question of how to dress in summer, we offer for consideration summer shirt dresses, light and casual T-shirt dresses, bell and flared sun dresses, as well as irreplaceable sheath dresses.

Casual dresses made of denim and chiffon, knitwear and other light and breathable materials will be comfortable and practical.

A separate category should include summer dresses with lace, which are perfect for creating romantic and sophisticated evening looks.

As for the length, in the past, fashion designers left mini lengths, preferring midi and maxi lengths.


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