one. Baby carrier sling. In the first year of life — the thing is simply irreplaceable. It’s like an extra pair of hands. It’s like a cocoon that carefully holds the baby instead of you. This is a device for which your back will thank you. Suitable for long-term wear — walking, trips or when you need to do something around the house, and the baby does not get off your hands. The most popular varieties are knitted sling scarf (Ideal from birth up to a baby weight of 8-10 kg, usually the child reaches this weight by 6-12 months) and woven sling scarf (suitable from birth up to a weight of 15 kg, that is, up to 2-3 years old baby).

2. Breastfeeding cape. Firstly, with it you can comfortably feed a child anywhere — even in a shopping center, even in public transport, even at a friend’s wedding. Second, its convenient pull on the dome of the stroller or a car seat — and then it protects the sleeping baby from bright light or dust. Thirdly, such a cape will also come in handy as a cape on a high chair if you come with your baby somewhere to a cafe and are not sure that public high chairs are so clean …

3. Mum’s Era reusable diapers. These are generally a godsend for babies of the first year of life. Withstand up to 2000 washes! No need to bother with the size, they are adjustable for weight from 3 to 13 kg. And most importantly, they save the family budget, up to 100 thousand rubles a year. Some parents combine — use disposable diapers at night, reusable during the day. And someone completely switches to reusable diapers, on average, 10-12 diapers are enough for this.

four. Newborn pillow. Small but extremely comfortable. With an anatomical notch for the back of the head, orthopedic, inexpensive. Helps prevent deformation of the baby’s skull, ensures the correct position of the head during sleep. The pillow has a cotton top — absorbs sweat, prevents prickly heat. In babies, at first, thermoregulation goes through the scalp. Pillow feature — thin side zipperif you unzip the zipper, you can remove part of the filler from the pillow and make it thinner, for example.

5. Sling with rings — This is another type of carrier for the baby. Its advantages: ideal sling for the home, puts on quickly, helps to soothe the baby with colic, rock him to sleep, or simply place the baby in the carrier and do things with him (hands will now be free!).

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