Beard fashion is back and now every second man is experimenting with looks and styles of facial hair. Trimmer — a tool designed to work with hair. With the purchase of a trimmer, personal care will become a simple and enjoyable experience. A trimmer is essentially an electric razor with the function of cutting or trimming hair on both the face and body. Without a trimmer, it is impossible to grow a beard and take care of it. Men’s trimmers differ primarily in that they have special nozzles that allow you to set the desired cut length.

The functions of the trimmer are as follows:

— removal of excess length and density of the beard (thinning)

— haircut

— shaving off excess vegetation

— facial hair modeling and shaping

— beard trim

Any beard trimmer is evaluated by the criterion — the material of the blades. Most often, trimmer blades can be made from different materials:

— stainless steel (standard)

— titanium

— metal with ceramic coating

How is a trimmer different from a clipper?

Both the trimmer and the machine can be used to cut hair. The trimmer is smaller, lighter and battery powered. The small size of the trimmer is not a hindrance to its performance, but on the contrary, it increases maneuverability, it is easier for them to reach inconveniently growing hair, to shape the hair edging and the clear contours of the beard and mustache. The main differences relate to the functions of the trimmers. Men’s trimmers are universal, i.e. have several attachments for cutting hair in different areas.

Trimmer care

A trimmer is a system of mechanical knives that cuts hair. Therefore, it is important to remember that sometimes these knives need to be cleaned or even oiled. Quality models can usually be rinsed under running water and do not require oiling as they sharpen against each other.

By purchasing a trimmer, a man will simplify many daily tasks for himself, from caring for a beard and mustache to removing excess body hair. Therefore, it is better to buy yourself a trimmer and not complicate your life!


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