Would you like to get a product that will effectively replace a third of the cosmetics on your bathroom shelf? And if it is economically spent at the same time, and is inexpensive? A nice bonus: this tool can be added to food!

If there were a competition among natural oils, the nomination «Versatile Giftedness» would definitely win coconut oil. It doesn’t do everything, but it does a lot. Here are typical situations in which this tool will definitely come in handy. In this review, we focused on beauty and food.


It is not by chance that coconut oil is included in many cosmetic products: it itself has a number of useful properties. Why not use it in its purest form?

— Nourishing hair mask. There are options: before or after washing your hair, leave the oil on your hair for a few minutes — half an hour — an hour.

— Care for rough skin of hands and feet, especially in winter.

— Cuticle oil. The skin around the nails requires daily attention, especially during the cold season; keep natural coconut oil in a prominent place so that you can easily remember it at the right time.

— Lip balm. If you love the smell of coconut, this will be especially nice!

— Sun protection. If you are going to warmer climes in winter and (suddenly) forgot sunscreen, coconut oil can partially replace it: it blocks up to 20% of harmful rays, like a cream with weak protection.

— Remedy for inflammation of the skin after an insect bite: use the oil as an ointment.

— The nutritional component of the coffee scrub. If you like a coffee grounds scrub but want a more subtle effect, add a little coconut oil to the grounds (finely ground).

Massage Oil: Mix coconut oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you’re done!

— Eyelash Strengthener: Apply oil to lashes every evening with an old mascara brush.

— Makeup remover. Waterproof mascara and other products of this type dissolve under the influence of fat. If there is no special liquid at hand, you can take any vegetable oil. But perhaps coconut will be more pleasant.

Cooking food

— An alternative to sunflower oil. Coconut oil contains a large amount of polyunsaturated acids, which can withstand high temperatures without releasing toxic substances as a result. This means that frying with coconut oil is less harmful than frying with sunflower oil.

— Lubrication of the baking dish is another task that coconut oil can do very well.

— Coconut oil is a component of «bulletproof coffee» (bulletproof coffee). Try this drink-food energizes for a long time!

How else do you use coconut oil? Share in the comments!


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