To preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, proper care is necessary. And it starts with a thorough and gentle cleansing. This procedure is necessary not only to wash away impurities, make-up residues and sebum, it helps to prepare the skin for the application of basic skin care products. Creams, tonics, masks, serums and other cosmetic products work more efficiently when applied to properly cleansed skin, because clogged pores will prevent active ingredients from penetrating deep into the epidermis.

Today, for high-quality skin cleansing, there are many ways, and ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most modern and in demand. We will tell you how ultrasonic cleaning works, how often it should be done, what advantages and disadvantages it has, and also mention all the important features of the procedure.

How does ultrasonic facial cleaning work?

Ultrasonic facial cleansing is a method of effective and gentle skin cleansing. The procedure is performed by a device that affects the skin with high-frequency ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound thoroughly cleans impurities and sebaceous plugs from the pores, removes black spots, removes dead skin cells of the epidermis. In a cosmetology salon, the procedure for ultrasonic facial cleansing consists of several stages:

  • First, the cosmetologist prepares the skin of the face: it cleans it of makeup, after which it applies a warming mask to open the pores.
  • A special gel is applied to the skin, which improves the conductivity of ultrasound deep into the epidermis.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning itself is carried out with a scrubber — an apparatus with a metal spatula that emits ultrasonic waves.
  • After completion, a moisturizing or regenerating cream is applied to the skin.

The procedure does not take much time and on average lasts 30-40 minutes. To prolong the effect after ultrasonic cleaning, it is worth paying special attention to further skin care. Within 24 hours after the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from visiting the sauna, bath, solarium, swimming pool, refuse alcohol-containing cosmetics, and moisturize the skin well.

Indications and contraindications

Ultrasound cleaning is a delicate skin cleansing procedure that is suitable for almost everyone. In particular, cosmetologists recommend it to owners of oily and combination skin, as well as in the presence of such problems as comedones and acne, enlarged pores, excessive work of the sebaceous glands. The procedure is also effective in combating the signs of skin aging: loss of elasticity and tone, wrinkles, dull complexion.

In comparison with other modern cosmetic procedures, ultrasonic cleaning has a minimum of contraindications. It should not be carried out with exacerbation of chronic diseases, the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as with open inflammations, cuts and other damage to the skin of the face.

Cosmetologists recommend ultrasonic cleaning at least once a month. However, the frequency of the procedure primarily depends on the skin and its problems. Regular ultrasonic cleaning will improve the condition of the skin, help to keep it clean longer.

Benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning procedure has been in demand for many years due to its numerous advantages:

+ Suitable for all skin types and all ages.

+ Painless and safe, acts gently, does not cause discomfort and is not traumatic for the skin, unlike vacuum and mechanical cleaning.

+ Does not leave marks on the skin, so rehabilitation is not required. After cleaning, you can continue your daily activities without changing your daily routine.

+ Effectively fights acne and comedones, reduces rashes, eliminates oily shine, normalizes the sebaceous glands.

+ Narrows pores, smoothes the skin, makes it smooth and elastic.

Today, the ultrasonic cleaning procedure can be made part of a permanent care without visiting beauty salons, which is much more profitable. For this procedure at home, try ReadySkin devices.


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