The basic need of almost every girl is a sense of security and self-attractiveness. What is the second, what is the first is based on inner self-confidence, strength, rightness and beauty. Women’s inner strength is always supported by an external image and some attributes that are symbolic for each girl. Healthy skin, shiny hair, a neat appearance, stylish accessories — these are all elements of a single system of self-perception.

Your fortress is an external image and an internal feeling. Each brick is selected and creates the unity of the image. Underwear is the first layer, your second skin. What layer it will be is up to you, and we will tell you what to look for when choosing.

1. The quality of the fabric used, accessories, patterns, tailoring, packaging, service. Everything must match your request.

2. Properly selected size. In many countries there is a standard size grid. However, if in doubt, it is best to consult the seller.

3. Relevance of design. This is exactly what can set the mood for the whole day and support your self-confidence. Your reflection in the mirror in your underwear is the key to a good day. A layer that protects your peace of mind, and only you know about it!

The Miami brand has been creating lingerie at the request of girls for a little over a year and quickly navigates the needs of customers. The founder of the company is a young and active girl Julia, mother and wife, who once faced a limited choice of underwear for herself. But this is a problem for many! Once upon a time, sewing and designing were a hobby for Yulia, but now it is a profession.

Fabrics for lingerie Miami mainly purchases fabric from Russian suppliers; lace is used in Lithuania, Turkey and China. The company tries to be open to young and active manufacturers of fabrics and accessories.

For a lingerie brand, high quality tailoring is important. Julia personally takes part in the selection and creation of patterns, checking the quality of products, and even in tailoring. For Miami, a satisfied customer is the success of the company!⠀

The dimensional grid of the brand corresponds to the standard Russian one. The goal of the Miami brand is to create lingerie that reflects personality and builds self-confidence.

A girl in Miami brand lingerie is confident in her attractiveness!


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