If you choose underwear for a specific outfit, try it on with it. Under tight items made of thin fabrics, it is best to wear seamless underwear if you do not want the contours of the underwear to be visible to others. Under more voluminous things, both options can be suitable — both regular and seamless panties, it all depends on your preferences and the characteristics of the underwear itself (how wide and thick the seams, fit features, and so on).

For those who lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle (for example, work in a 5/2 office), there is no special advice — choose any underwear that you like and that does not cause discomfort. I advise you not to store your favorite (often expensive) kits in a drawer. Wear them more often and please yourself: then you may simply stop liking them.

If your routine involves a lot of activity during the day, I would recommend laconic models with a minimum of decor — for example, underwear with a high content of cotton, viscose or modal (regular or seamless).


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