Physical education lessons for children are either dearly loved or absolutely hated. These emotions depend not only on the teacher or the program, but also on how the child feels in the gym, including in sportswear. It is unlikely that it will be possible to save a child from negativity for physical education lessons, but you can try.

Often, children do not like their sports uniform, they feel uncomfortable and, accordingly, they often “forget” their sports uniform at home, and bring “bad” in the diary.

If it is possible to buy a sports uniform for a child in which it will be convenient for him to engage in physical education, then it is better to buy it.

For a children’s sports uniform, the main requirements are natural fabrics and convenience.

For sports uniforms, we recommend choosing knitwear with an elastane content, but not more than 30%. Cotton is a hypoallergenic and hygroscopic material. It absorbs sweat well and does not cause irritation. Elastane in the composition of the fabric increases its wear resistance and increases the attractiveness for designers.

The main points of children’s sportswear

Sports top for girls. It is important for little athletes to have support for the chest and back muscles, even at a very young age. This is a concern for future health, especially since sports tops are now in fashion. Choose models with medium support so that there is no squeezing of growing muscles.

Linen T-shirt for boys and toddlers of elementary school. T-shirts are usually made from 100% cotton. Toddlers in elementary school run and jump a lot. Their heat transfer is still far from that of an adult, so breathable fabric is important for the health of the child. In linen T-shirts it will be convenient to run in physical education classes, and wear under a longsleeve, and have it as a change of clothes.

T-shirt or longsleeve depending on the wishes of the child. Some people like short sleeves, while others prefer long sleeves. And the heat exchange in children is different. Teenagers like oversized wide t-shirts, while toddlers from elementary school will also like classic t-shirts. The main thing is that in size and do not interfere with running, jumping and waving your arms.

Sports pants, cycling shorts or shorts. For classes in the gym and on the street, it is better to buy trousers of different warmth. For the room, light sweatpants, shorts, bike shorts are suitable. For the street, it is better to take trousers from a denser fabric, for example, a footer. In any case, the trousers should be in the size of the child, not overturned with the turn of the legs. If you buy trousers with an elastic band at the ankle, then you can pick them up a little and then enough for 2 seasons.

Socks. For physical education classes, it is better to buy separate 3-4 pairs of socks, telling the child about the rules of hygiene. After the lesson, you need to change your socks for fresh ones. Performing physical exercises, the child uses all muscle groups, warms them up and sweats accordingly. Feet are no exception, so you need to have interchangeable socks for a physical education lesson. It is better to choose light cotton socks with elastane, such models dry faster and are more wear-resistant. The length of the socks is not so important, the main thing is that the heel does not slip down to the toes. Factory «District» sews socks, both long and short, all suitable for sports.

So that the child can easily compose a matching set of sports uniforms for a physical education lesson, consider in advance a capsule of a sports wardrobe. Buy 2-3 T-shirts in matching colors and 2 pairs of sweatpants in matching colors will suffice.

We wish you a pleasant shopping, and your child is happy to play sports in physical education classes.


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