Useful list for travelers: what to take on the road

Plane, train, car, electric train, helicopter, ship. There is a connection between these words: travel. The most difficult thing before a vacation, in addition to choosing a place where to go, is preparing things for the trip. Especially if you fly by plane, where you have to pay for every extra kilogram.

We have compiled a universal list of things for hand luggage, which will come in handy for a comfortable flight or train journey.

Can’t do without it

The first paragraph is very formal, but it could not be missed. Passports, cash, bank card and tickets. You may not need the latter if you issued travel documents electronically.

Comfort is above all

Sitting upright for 4 hours or longer, when the legs and neck numb, and the back begs for mercy — this is familiar to many. Here is a list of things that will make your trip more comfortable:

● Sleep mask. It takes up minimal space and brings maximum benefits. Melatonin is a hormone produced during sleep and is responsible for feeling alert. This hormone is capricious, it needs absolute darkness to work. If you do not want to feel crushed after the flight, sleep in a thick eye mask;

● Back pain = headache. Take a special inflatable pillow with you. It will fix the neck and relax the muscles;

● There are a lot of jokes on the Internet about a mother with a child on an airplane. It seems that you were landing and everything was quiet. As soon as the child sat down, and crying, along with screams, burst out. For such cases, use earplugs. They are inexpensive and are sold in any pharmacy, you can relax and unwind, despite the noise in the cabin or train compartment;

● Hygienic lipstick, eye drops, moisturizer. After the flight, people experience swelling, rashes, dry mouth and pain in the eyes. This is due to pressure drops. Hygienic lipstick, especially based on natural oils, will take care of the delicate skin of the lips and prevent discomfort. If you see redness on your face, anoint it with a nourishing cream;

● Eye drops deserve a separate item. It’s as essential a hygiene product as hand sanitizer, dental floss, or soap (don’t forget to take these on the road!). Let’s get back to the eyes. On board the plane — low humidity and pressure, this affects vision. In order not to feel cramps, dry eyes, use moisturizing drops, for example, RELINS Active with hyaluronic acid 0.41%. Due to the high viscosity, a more prolonged moisturizing and protective effect is achieved from the use of drops.

● If you use contact lenses, be sure to buy a special solution and a small container. Remember, you can carry a maximum of 100 ml of liquid on the plane. It is difficult to find a small volume solution, which is why for a trip of any duration, the ideal lens care kit is the RELINS Travel Contact Lens Care Solution — the kit includes a 55 ml solution bottle, a lens case with a case and a mirror, a compact cosmetic bag.

● Wet wipes, mask and disinfectant — now this set should accompany every traveler.

How to make a trip not boring?

Prepare your phone for flight: free up memory for new experiences (transfer old photos and videos to your hard drive) and charge your portable charger. On the trip, you can listen not only to music, but also to audio books. If this format does not suit you, download the work in electronic form.

To protect your phone or tablet, a waterproof case is suitable. It can also be used for filming underwater, such content is always in demand.

If you are going abroad, find out about chargers in advance. Sometimes you need a special adapter. Next, choose what you need: tripod, ring light, selfie stick, etc.

Now, you are ready to hit the road. Each tourist can supplement and adapt this list for himself. Have a great trip!


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