Toddlers, until they know how to crawl and sit, spend a lot of time lying down, but as soon as your baby has learned these skills, he wants to explore the world around him. And here a problem arises: it’s hard to walk around the apartment with him all the time, and letting the child move around the apartment on his own is unsafe. Walkers are here to help! Today we will tell you about the Nuovita Saltare model, with which you will free yourself time for household chores, and let your child explore the world around him.

Multifunctional model. Baby walker Nuovita Saltare combines several useful features. Firstly, these are comfortable walkers; secondly, an indispensable rocking chair in which the baby can relax; thirdly, a trampoline, on which the baby can jump and have fun, and, fourthly, a game center with an electronic console. So your baby will definitely not be bored at any age — walkers are designed for children from 6 months to 2 years.

Swivel seat. The walker’s seat rotates 360 degrees, so your child can turn around on their own, without your help.

Adjustable height. The seat can be set in 3 different positions, so that the baby will be able to put the legs on the whole foot when walking. This is very important, because a child in a walker must rest on the floor with both feet so that he can stand up.

Made from durable materials. For the manufacture of the seat, which is mounted on three stable legs, shock-resistant and elastic ABS plastic was used. The base of the walkers — a wide frame — is made of the same material. At the base are four rubberized wheels that rotate in all directions.

Electronic game board. Today, an electronic game panel must be provided in walkers. It will help to occupy the child for a while, and will also contribute to the development of the crumbs.

And finally, important rules that parents need to remember:

  1. Start using the walker only when the baby has already learned to sit confidently.
  2. Start using the walker for a short time. After the baby gets used to them, gradually increase the time spent in them.
  3. Do not leave your child in the walker for more than 30 minutes.
  4. The space in which the child is in the walker should be as safe as possible.
  5. Before buying a walker, be sure to discuss your decision with the doctor who sees your child. To use a walker, the baby must be healthy.


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