If even a cactus does not survive in your house, but you really want to green up the space, then artificial flowers from Botanique One are the perfect solution.

They are beautiful, graceful, just like alive. But that’s not all. Let’s just twiddle our thumbs counting their benefits!

  • Easy care. You do not need constant watering, certain lighting, humidity and dancing with tambourines.

  • No need to wait for a small sprout to grow into a large one and give flowers. You buy a ready-made composition that pleases from the very first days.

  • Do not cause allergies. Perhaps the most serious argument.

  • No insects. A floral fragrance is wonderful, although it attracts not only people, but also all kinds of insects. And they are not the most pleasant neighbors, you will agree.

  • Safe for pets who strive to bite off a leaf or bud. Meanwhile, many living plants are poisonous and deadly for our smaller brothers.

  • Joy all year round, regardless of the season.

  • Diversity. Tired of one bouquet or arrangement of pots, no problem, you can easily change it to another and voila — the space has changed. No need to mess with the soil, replanting, finding the perfect place and months of waiting until it “rises”. Botanique One has a huge selection.

  • Price. A large bouquet of fresh flowers can cost a pretty penny, but it will please you for 3-4 days at most, unlike artificial ones.

Yes, modern artificial flowers cannot be compared with those that were gathering dust at our grandmothers in the country. Today, artificial flowers look like works of art and are made from different materials.

Silk is closest to real. They impress with stunning detailing as the fabric mimics the natural behavior of flower petals, giving them extra realism. The stems and leaves of silk flowers are most often made of plastic or latex.

Sometimes manufacturers replace silk with polyester with the same characteristic sheen and finish. Such flowers are cheaper, but they still look the same natural and natural.

For the production of roses, thin velvet is used, which allows you to convey the real texture of a living petal. This material is aesthetic and durable.

A more affordable alternative is cotton flowers.

Whatever you choose, periodic maintenance is still needed.

It is advisable to periodically rinse artificial flowers under water, washing off dust. The main thing is not to rub with a towel, brushing off all the drops — this can damage the most delicate petals and leaves. Let the bouquet dry on its own.

Plus, if possible, do not put the flowers in direct sunlight. Although modern materials are resistant to fading, it is difficult to maintain color under the scorching sun.

Follow these two rules and flower arrangements will delight you for a long time.

Want to instantly transform your home? Order flowers from Botanique One!


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