Manufacturers of children’s clothing and accessories provide a huge selection of children’s dowry for young mothers — children’s stores are overflowing with products for newborns for all tastes. With cute patterns and embroidery, plush and cotton, rompers and panties, bodysuits and undershirts, socks and booties, bright and pastel … I want to buy everything and more at once. But what kind of fabrics should be in contact with the baby’s skin so that he is comfortable and cozy?


The skin of a child in the first days of life is not adapted to the environment, thermoregulation has not yet been adjusted, therefore it is recommended to buy clothes only from natural fabrics. These materials must adhere to the skin of the baby. For the second layer, various types of natural wool are suitable. No synthetics that can create a greenhouse effect — only natural materials that allow the skin to breathe.


Do not buy the entire wardrobe for a child of the same size. Toddlers grow very quickly, and in two weeks the sliders you have chosen with love will already be small for him. It is most rational to buy 2-3 things of the same size, and buy things for discharge from the hospital for growth — 1 size more. It is impossible to say exactly what height and weight your child will be, moreover, in tight-fitting clothes, the baby will be uncomfortable.

Seams and decor

Children’s skin is very sensitive, so it is not recommended to buy things with hard elements, zippers, elastic bands that can pull the arms and legs. During the period of colic, it is better to abandon tight pants that put pressure on the stomach and buy spacious bodysuits or thin overalls. What do you need to take with you to the hospital? Previously, women in labor received diapers in maternity hospitals — in fact, this was the first and only baby clothes for the first months. Now in maternity hospitals, a newborn is immediately dressed up in clothes carefully prepared by parents. How much and what should you take with you to the hospital so as not to overdo it? In the first days of life, it is often necessary to change clothes for the baby. So it is better to take with you with a margin:

  • undershirts — 3 thin and 3 warm,
  • sliders — panties with closed legs, 4-5 pieces,
  • bodysuit — a blouse with long or short sleeves, which is fastened with buttons between the legs, 3-4 pieces,
  • thin overalls — they are great for the role of pajamas, they do not press anywhere and are easily removed, 2-3 pieces,
  • warm jumpsuit — one will be enough, but you can do without it if the baby was born in the summer heat,
  • overalls-transformer for the street in the winter or a plaid envelope for a newborn for discharge and walks in the spring and autumn,
  • socks — 3-4 pairs, without tight elastic bands,
  • anti-scratch mittens — closed mittens that will protect the eyes and face of the baby from his own sharp nails,
  • caps — thin knitted hats are worn during summer walks or under a thick winter hat. 1-2 pieces are enough, they can be with or without ties.

Separately, you need to take care of the baby’s sleep accessories. He will not need a pillow for at least 3 more years, but a blanket will help to warm up, give the child comfort and the stiffness of movements familiar to him in the womb, which helps him fall asleep.

The ideal solution would be to combine a blanket for sleeping and a blanket for discharge of a child from the hospital — and the trademark «Mary’Joffers just such an option. Knitted blanket for newborns «Aist» is created with love and care — it contains only hypoallergenic materials, natural and pleasant to the touch. It takes into account all the physiological characteristics of the child — the bottom layer is made of cotton, which gently protects the baby’s skin from hypothermia. This is a universal blanket for a newborn — it can be used as a blanket for walking in a stroller, to take it with you in a car, to cover a child while sleeping in a crib. This baby blanket and its airy knitted texture will look great in photographs, so it is willingly chosen by young mothers for discharge.

High-quality materials of the Aist blanket do not fade, do not become electrified and retain their shape and softness even after numerous washes. It is easy to care for — select the washing machine mode suitable for cotton and dry it in a straightened form.


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