Means for caring for a wooden bath: simple, effective, safe.

A good bath affects all our senses! It warms, and soars, and gives magical aromas. And yet, lying on a silky wooden shelf, you can enjoy the view of well-finished boards — you know, all these unique wood patterns. However, the feeling of bliss and harmony can be spoiled by such troubles as a floor slippery from mucus, an unpleasant musty smell, and shelves that have turned gray from time to time. Wood is an excellent material for a bath, but water does not act on it in the best way. Therefore, your favorite bath or sauna must be protected so that the steam is really kind and healing. An integrated approach is especially effective. We offer you a simple but effective algorithm for protecting and caring for a wooden bath.

5 simple steps to healthy vaping.

Step 1. Antiseptic impregnation of wooden surfaces. Moisture is known to be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and algae. It is these microorganisms that, once in a humid and warm environment, begin to actively multiply, change the noble warm color of wood to faded gray; the surface of the shelves becomes loose, rough, an unpleasant odor appears.

To avoid this, treat all wooden surfaces in the sauna or bath with a special antiseptic. Before you buy an antiseptic for a bath, please note: the packaging should indicate that it can be used in wet areas. For example, GOODHIM has a special Antiseptic for baths and saunas S200 in its line of protective products. It penetrates deep into the surface of wood, protects it from pathogenic microflora and is completely safe for human health. It is important that this antiseptic does not change the appearance of the boards, does not affect their further processing. Apply it in 2-3 coats with an interval of 30-40 minutes and your wooden surfaces will be protected for a long time. Use for prevention antiseptic GOODHIM S200 once a monthand your sauna in its original form will last for several decades!

Step 2. Impregnation of wooden surfaces with oil. Wood is a porous material. The oil fills the micropores and prevents moisture from flowing into them: there is simply nowhere for microorganisms to multiply. In addition to the antiseptic properties, the oil has another important “bathing” effect: it makes the surfaces of the shelves smooth and silky, it’s a pleasure to relax on such! The appearance of boards treated with oil also becomes an order of magnitude higher. An important point: all of the above only works if you use natural, natural oil, and not synthetics. Study the composition. For example, Oil for protecting shelves in the bath and sauna GOODHIM 210 — This is pure linseed oil and special additives that enhance the antiseptic properties of the product. It is good to treat wooden surfaces with this oil before using the bath. And then renew the oil layer every six months.

Step 3. Regular washing of surfaces after using the bath. After you took a steam bath, there were traces of soap, cosmetics, aromatic oils and so on on the floor, shelves and walls. Rinsing the room with water is not enough, it must be washed with a special agent that breaks down and removes organic and inorganic contaminants. In the GOODHIM line of bath products, these are Detergent for baths and saunas GOODHIM T150 with pine needles aroma. It contains a complex of detergents, disinfecting components and acids and the complete absence of chlorine! The product is concentrated, so one bottle will last a long time. We washed ourselves, washed the bathhouse, left it to ventilate, and ourselves — to rest! But the next time you come to bathe again, you will be greeted by a dry, clean room filled with the aroma of a pine forest.

Step 4. Treatment of mineral and wooden surfaces in the bath. Many in saunas and baths, in addition to wooden surfaces, have areas lined with stone or brick. For example, in the pre-bath room, which is also at risk, because there, like in the bath, it is humid and warm — something that bacteria and mold love. Conventional antiseptics will not work here, special substances are needed. For example, GOODHIM TEXTURE 500 impregnating varnish for baths and saunas. It is specially designed for protection and decorative finishing of brick, concrete, natural stone, wood. The agent penetrates deeply into stone and wooden surfaces and actively protects them from moisture and microorganisms. What is important is that a beautiful film with a satin sheen does not crack on the surface, does not interfere with the natural “breathing” of natural materials, so a harmonious microclimate is maintained in the bath.

Step 5. Regular use of the bath. Yes, yes, this also has a beneficial effect on the long and flawless service of the bath: if the room is not used for a long time, the boards dry out, cracks may appear in which mold and bacteria will settle. Therefore, use it often and with pleasure: thanks to the complex antiseptic protection, steam and heat in your bathhouse are now truly good!

Sincerely, Your GOODHIM!


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