Natural washcloths are becoming more popular than scrubs, and for some people they are replacing massage. They are praised by bloggers and our customers. But why? Perhaps because of the trend for eco-products … Or maybe because of the qualities of a jute washcloth? To understand, you have to try. So I did, although I had some doubts.

My fears:

  • There will be little foam from the washcloth
  • Jute is hard and will scratch the skin
  • The washcloth will not absorb water well
  • She’s ruined by shower gel


  • The washcloth is smooth to the touch, and from hot water it becomes softer
  • It is gentler than a brush, but it cleans well.
  • The washcloth is compatible with the gel and creates enough foam
  • After it my cream is better absorbed.
  • It’s a mitten! The benefits are clear

And some more facts:

  • Vegetable washcloth acts softer than scrubs, although it massages and cleanses the skin well.
  • It fights cellulite and polishes stretch marks — making them less noticeable. Yes, the relief will not disappear completely, but it will become smaller.
  • Jute is a natural biodegradable material. Therefore, the washcloth is really useful for the environment.

An old mitten can be used as fertilizer: cut into pieces and laid out in flower pots, sprinkled with soil. After 3 months, it will dissolve and fertilize the earth with itself. Zero waste = conscious consumption. Super!

My conclusion

I think the choice is right and I am not in a hurry to renew the scrub stocks. There is an idea to try other formats of washcloths: long and with natural soap.

Jute fiber is environmentally friendly — it is a 100% natural material. With it, you can support the «zero waste» philosophy, taking care of the environment.

P.S. My skin is not super sensitive and reacts wonderfully to jute. But if you have it very gentle, be careful not to get too carried away by rubbing.

And stay beautiful.


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