Spring has come into its own, and all lovers of outdoor sports have already returned to parks and squares for jogging, hiking and cycling. One of the most important components of the right equipment can be called high-quality drinking water in a convenient bottle, since without control of the water balance, sports activities can cause significant harm.

How to choose water for sports and recreation? There is an opinion that all bottled water tastes the same, the difference is only in packaging and price. Indeed, the choice of bottled water today is huge, but is it really the same for all manufacturers? Let’s try to figure out how to make a choice among such a variety of offers, and what criteria are the main ones when choosing bottled water?

Among the main and decisive factors when choosing water, of course, should be the following: safety, quality, taste, convenient and high-quality packaging. All these criteria are met by Shishkin Les water, since:

  • Safety water «Shishkin Les» is guaranteed not only by the place of extraction — the production plant is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​\u200b\u200bNew Moscow, in the village of Shishkin Les of the same name. The water is extracted from an underground aquifer known for its taste and purity. The produced water fully complies with Russian and international standards for drinking water.
  • Quality produced water, thanks to modern methods of extraction and purification, is preserved in its original purity and freshness, while ensuring the natural composition of the product: water is carefully cleaned using high-tech equipment, and pathogens and viruses are removed by ultraviolet disinfection and ozone. Water control is carried out at each stage of water treatment, from the artesian source to the finished product.
  • Taste water «Shishkin Les», according to consumers — refreshing and easily recognizable, unchanged for over 20 years. Several generations have already grown up on the water of Shishkin Les!
  • Convenient and high quality packagingwhich are no less important than taste and quality — the distinctive «brand» sign of Shishkin Les water: tightness and ergonomics, packaging at the level of European standards, all packaging materials from Shishkin Les products are 100% recyclable, including labels and lids.

The assortment of water «Shishkin Les» has a special series «SPORT» with ergonomic bottle design and functional flip-lock cap. This series is ideal for people with an active lifestyle. The lid opens with one finger through 180° with a lock and closes with one click, accompanied by a click that confirms the closure. The presence of a single control color ring on the lid guarantees the integrity of the package. Drinking water «Shishkin Les Sport» is convenient to take with you to workouts, fitness centers and gyms.

Advantages of the flip-lock lid:

— it is convenient to open the lid with one finger without stopping the workout;

— you can drink while driving without fear of spilling liquid on yourself;

— bottles with such a cap can be used not only for drinking, but also to cool your face during intense exercise or in hot weather.

In the «SPORT» series there are packages in several versions:

  • Drinking water «Shishkin Les» SPORT, 0.4 l — convenient to take with you, does not take up much space, suitable for small bags or backpacks, ideal for short walks and maintaining water balance for several hours.
  • Drinking water «Shishkin Les» SPORT, 0.65 l — for medium-intensity sports: running, gym activities, fits in diameter to most bicycle holders.
  • Drinking water «Shishkin Les» SPORT, 1 l — convenient for long trips, as well as for physical activity of increased intensity, training in the gym; ideal for relaxing on the beach.

You can calculate the required daily volume of water using the formula:

YOUR WEIGHT (in kg) x 0.03 = VOLUME OF WATER (in liters)

For example, 60 kg x 0.03 = 1.8 liters

Deficiency of minerals or their incorrect ratio in the human body disrupts its balance. «Shishkin Les» is water that you can drink every day and be sure of its quality.


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