Many parents put their lives on pause with the advent of a baby. Travel and vacations are postponed until better times. One of the reasons is the fear of forgetting something or, on the contrary, of gaining a lot of things. But the gradual exit from home confinement brings even more joy.

In this article, we will tell you what is sure to come in handy on a trip to nature with a small child.

one. First aid kit. In it you need to add everything that helps with bruises, cuts and abrasions. Most likely it will be useful for adults and older children. An example composition looks like this:

  • iodine or green;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • plaster or bandage;
  • cotton wool or several cotton swabs;
  • sanitizer;
  • small scissors and tweezers (if you have to deal with a splinter);
  • baby wipes;
  • sunscreen.

Do not collect the entire pharmacy assortment for several hours.

2. Baby clothes. One set of change of clothes is enough. Do not take a lot of things with you, especially warm ones. After all, if the weather gets bad, you just go home.

3. Drinking water and snacks for the baby. If your child is very small and breastfed, then the whole kitchen is with you. For bottle-fed babies or older babies, include a cup or cup, formula and a thermos of water at the right temperature, fruit pieces, and cookies. Start from your preferences and vision.

four. Diapers and travel potty. Depending on your baby’s age, take a few diapers or travel potty bags. Don’t take the whole pack! 40 pieces is a lot even for 8 hours.

5. Children’s entertainment. Here you need to think about what the baby will do on the way. Picture books, rattles, favorite soft toys can come in handy. You can collect large lids and dishes in a bag. In place, it is unlikely that a child will play with them. After all, there are so many interesting things in nature: sticks, grass, flowers, birds … If you’re lucky, you can show your child a wild animal.

6. Repellents. Mutant forest mosquitoes will always choose a child between you and the baby. But adult chemistry can harm the baby. Therefore, pre-purchase drugs marked 0+.

7. Children’s furniture. Often the daily routine changes in the fresh air. Usually extra sleep is added. In order not to torment either yourself or the child, put a carry cot, a portable playpen or a hammock with you. A folding chair will not be superfluous for you.

It is better to put things in a backpack. Your hands will always be free, and the load on the spine when walking will be more even. A convenient solution is a special backpack for moms.

Beoma has this: the Beoma Premium Bag 2 in 1 transformable backpack. It is very roomy and has a thermal compartment for bottles. A large number of pockets will save you from having to carry a bunch of packages. And it also folds out and turns into a comfortable bed for the baby. With such a backpack, you can safely go on a picnic: the trip will be comfortable.


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