We choose a bag. What to pay attention to?

Without her, as without hands! And this is not an exaggeration when it comes to a bag. Without it, it is difficult to go to the gym, go on a trip or even go to university.

Bags — they, like girls, are different and not only «black, white and even red.» And also made of fabric or leather (eco or natural), large and small, on wheels and not, voluminous or compact. But as soon as you do not get lost in all the variety, but also make a choice in favor of a beautiful, comfortable and high-quality bag. Let’s figure it out together.

We highlight several main types:

  1. Ladies / women’s bags. Accessories for women is a whole world of diversity. This category has a huge number of subspecies, from which you can make a whole encyclopedia: clutch, business, casual, cross-body, shopper, wallet bag, messenger, maternity hospital bag, etc.

  2. Bags for men. These can be briefcases, purses, belt bags, bags for documents, laptops, tablets, organizers, and backpacks.

  3. Sports bags need no special introduction. They can also be divided by volume, gender, attitude to a particular sport.

  4. Road. This includes both large trunks and suitcases, as well as bags — hand luggage.

Let’s take a closer look at sports travel bags.

A healthy lifestyle is at the peak of popularity today. Women and men monitor the quality of their bodies, children are engaged in various sections: boxing, judo, swimming, hockey, dancing, gymnastics, etc. Equipment, inventory, sports uniforms and removable shoes occupy a different volume for everyone, but it is imperative that all this be in one place. Therefore, when choosing such an important accessory as a bag, we determine its size, functionality, design, material from which it is sewn.

The size of the sports bag is large, medium and small. In order to choose the right one, determine what things you will take with you to training. It can be just a uniform, a tracksuit and shoes, or additional accessories, including a water bottle, towel, bath accessories for going to the shower (Article:26827071).

As for the design, it can be both extremely sporty and versatile. Patriots, representatives of the interests of the country, as well as members of sports teams choose our bags with Russian symbols (Vendor code: 28892435, 23615997, 28895726, 23187432).

Such a sports accessory (men’s or women’s sports bag, fitness bag, for training, unisex, children’s sports bag) can be used not only for going to training, to a fitness club, but also when traveling by plane, train or other means of transport as baggage or hand luggage.

If we consider a sports bag as a travel bag, then here you can make a choice in favor of the one that has the maximum capacity and convenience during the move. Here you can find the right option for you.

For example, our multifunctional tote bag (P/N: 26826718, 36868038, 36869389), made of lightweight dense waterproof material, has an extension on the sides (side transformation), as well as a large external pocket with a zipper on the front and two large external side pockets or a multifunctional bag with bottom transformation (Code: 36868472)

By the way, among our products you can always choose a sports bag with Russian symbols. This will not leave you unnoticed on international trips or at competitions, and it will warm your soul with memories of your homeland when you are far from it..

Most often, when choosing a bag, it is important to have an adjustable shoulder strap, which will be comfortable to wear over the shoulder in length, and another small detail, but very necessary — a soft pad to distribute the load on the shoulder. Such little things create comfort and have a beneficial effect on the health of the owner of the bag.

A bag on wheels with a telescopic handle (Article: 35394989) is an excellent option for those who like to travel in comfort or those athletes whose sports uniform has large dimensions. It is convenient to carry such a bag with you both to the place of sports, and somewhere at the airport or train station. In addition, such a bag can be easily entrusted to a child going to the country or to a country children’s camp. Agree, it is always convenient to carry (roll) your burden than to carry.

The waist bag is once again at the peak of popularity. And for lovers of outdoor activities or sports — this is an indispensable accessory. When jogging in the park, cycling or even Nordic walking, it is convenient to have a sports fanny pack with everything you need. However, lovers of free hands during active movements will appreciate such a stylish accessory. The belt bag is convenient and practical for use for work purposes, for hunting, fishing (Article:23300250).

A backpack bag is the best bag for travel, tourist excursions and for an active lifestyle, while being roomy and convenient (Item: 30885744).

A bag, whatever it may be, can always be a great gift: for a birthday, New Year, February 23, March 8, or a thematic holiday like the Day of the Fisherman, Hunter, Trainer, etc. The hero of the occasion will appreciate your concern for him and the practicality of the presentation.

Quality is the key to success

You can talk a lot about the variety of bags. But one thing unites them — the approach to choosing a quality product. And here, of course, the main thing is to pay attention to the material and accessories from which they are made. Yes, they can be very different: dense and soft, textile and leather, nylon. The main thing is that the materials are distinguished by increased wear resistance. From hand luggage to large travel bags, all of our bags are made from durable fabric with a water-repellent finish. This allows us to use our products in all weather conditions and in all situations. In addition, high-quality tailoring makes it easier to care for bags, including on your own at home. All bags are lightweight (which, for example, cannot be said about frame suitcases).

Lining material also plays an important role in bags. Often, low-quality fabrics are a weak link, but in our bags you can forget about this problem.

All fittings of our products are distinguished by special durability and at the same time stylish design. However, it is worth remembering that the zippers last longer, do not fill bags, suitcases and backpacks to capacity, lubricate them periodically with paraffin or soap for better glide.

Travel, live actively, choose bags of our production!


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