In order for the student not to lose the desire to study at home on his own, a comfortable workplace is necessary. We will help you find the necessary items with which you will create a special space for your child, where it will be pleasant and convenient for him to do homework or just spend time alone with himself.

Desk or table

If your child is a junior high school student, then get a special desk for him. Usually, a special chair comes with it. As the baby grows older, the desk will also “grow”. For older students, you can pick up a desk on which it will be convenient to put a laptop, as well as lay out all textbooks and school supplies.

Computer chair

The child will spend a lot of time at his desk, so he simply needs a comfortable chair. And if for first-graders such chairs come with a desk, then for older students you will need to pick up a chair separately.

Table lamp with comfortable light

If the table is not by the window, then it must have good lighting. Choose safe LED table lamps: they do not pulsate, do not burst, emit light that is pleasing to the eye and, most importantly, have a high color rendering index. And one more plus of such lamps is that they do not heat up, so if a child accidentally touches it, he will not get burned.

schedule of lessons

So that the child does not forget and does not ask you every day, and what lessons he has tomorrow, we advise you to hang a special poster with a schedule. So the baby will always have a lesson schedule in front of his eyes, and you will save yourself from unnecessary headaches.

Posters with rules and useful information

It is always easier to remember information if you constantly see the material being studied. Hang posters with different rules above the baby’s table: the child will learn both the multiplication table and “cha-shcha” faster.

Organizer for stationery

In order to always have order on the table, be sure to buy a stationery organizer for your child. You can pick up interesting and funny options that will delight not only first graders, but also older students.


Remember when we had bookends when we were kids? And they helped us a lot! We offer to buy such an «assistant» for your child. Moreover, now there are so many different interesting options!

Do you arrange a workplace for a child? What else would you add to the list? Share with us!


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