We continue our journey through the world of books, interesting and useful for kids. Of course, each child is unique, but some whims happen to so many. Evgenia Bakhurova, Viktor Kukharkin and Tatyana Kulikovskaya know perfectly well how to convey to a little naughty person what is good and right, and what is not very good.

Sometimes it may seem to you that your baby is no longer a cute little one, but a very thunderstorm for the whole family. He answers your requests with his signature “I don’t want” and “I won’t”, cries all the time with or without reason, and he has almost no friends of the same age.

At the same time, many parents understand that punishing a baby is not the most reasonable way out. The authors of this book, which you can read with pleasure to your child at night, are sure that this is not necessary: ​​education can bring joy to both you and your child, and at the same time be effective. And instructive good fairy tales from this book will surely come to your aid.

About authors

We can say that the book was compiled by a team of authors who write specifically for children, creating amazing worlds for the smallest. Evgenia Bakhurova specializes in educational and educational books for the little ones, Viktor Kukharkin writes stories about incredible characters who guide the baby through the world around him, and Tatyana Kulikovskaya teaches girls and boys the basics of reading.

What will happen if such authors come together? You will get a book that will not only captivate your little one with bright heroes and their adventures, but also teach him how to live in this difficult world.

Details about the book

The heroes of these instructive stories are hedgehogs, hares, cubs and cubs, funny frogs. Despite the fact that they live in green forests, the same thing happens to them as with ordinary children: they not only learn to live, but also make mistakes, cry, act up, play “unwilling”, do not want to share toys with other guys. But what this leads them to and what conclusions they draw — you will learn this from the book «I won’t do it again.»

There are also some valuable lessons to be found here. What — let’s see right now.

Toys are great, but playing together is much more fun
Once a little fox took cubes with him to play on the shore. The cubes were colorful, bright and very beautiful. Other guys-animals became interested and invited a friend to play together. But the little fox did not want to share with them: after all, these were his cubes. Therefore, he remained to play with them alone, but for some reason it was not at all fun for him. So he sat and watched his friends play among themselves, and they are fine, although they do not have such beautiful toys.

Conclusion: sometimes sharing even very valuable things is good and right, because then you can share happy moments together.

Promises to be kept
One little bear cub promised his mother to clean the room. Honestly promised. But he was so tired after a long day that, without saying anything to her, he went to bed. Mom was upset … And not at all because her baby fell asleep — he was very cute in a dream. But because he promised her, but he did not keep his promise.

Conclusion: if you give someone a word, then you need to stick to it. Otherwise, what is this word worth?

Compromise is a tricky word, but it needs to be learned
Sometimes the baby wants to play catch-up so much, when everyone around would like to play hide-and-seek. So the little hedgehog was in the same situation. Only on the offer to play hide and seek first, and then to catch up, he refused: he preferred to be offended and go for a walk in the forest alone. But were his comrades so wrong? After all, most of the kids were for hide and seek, they agreed to the idea of ​​a hedgehog, only they wanted to play a little later.

Conclusion: sometimes, if you don’t want to be left alone, agreeing to terms that both parties can agree on isn’t so bad. The little hedgehog has made his choice. And you?

The child learns from what he sees around him. But sometimes examples can be found in a book with interesting stories that you read together at night. And “I won’t do it again” is a great option!


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