Many pet owners will be faced with the choice of a brand of factory-made food available in stores.

Regardless of the decision made, keep in mind an important point — a sharp change in food has consequences for your pet:⠀

Disorders in the digestive tract.

The body does not have time to adapt and indigestion occurs. This is due to the fact that a large amount of pancreatic enzymes is not needed to digest ready-made diets.⠀

Refusal to feed. Not every animal easily relates to the appearance of new products or feeds in their diet.⠀

Bad feeling. A sharp transition from the usual feed will invariably cause indigestion, flatulence, and heaviness in the stomach. For example, dogs become lethargic, refuse to eat and walk. Discomfort may also manifest as apathy or aggression, depending on the temperament of the animal. The animal does not understand why they stopped feeding him the usual food.⠀

To avoid the unpleasant consequences of switching to a new type of feed, it is recommended to use proven Russian factories.

Veterinarians recommend following certain patterns.

Switching to a new food should be gradual.

Increase the number of walks in case the bowels fail. For well-coordinated work of the gastrointestinal tract and maintaining the immunity of the animal, it is necessary to introduce the SUB-PRO probiotic with a high content of beneficial bacteria into the diet.

This will soften the transition of the animal to a new type of food, allow you to normalize the stool and maintain good health. SUB-PRO can be processed feed. The drug works as a disinfectant for low-quality feed, in which pathogenic microorganisms have bred due to improper storage. The probiotic adds nutrients to the feed, improves the pet’s appetite, increases immunity and body defenses. Suitable for dry and important feed. When changing feed, we recommend careful monitoring the condition of the coat, skin and stool of the animal.


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