When preparing for childbirth, women are constantly interested in what must be collected at the maternity hospital.

The transparent maternity hospital bag will help you quickly find the necessary things by outwardly evaluating the contents. To begin with, you should prepare not one, but three bags. This is necessary so that your things are conveniently distributed.

Please note that clinics may have additional content requirements. Therefore, specify in advance what is allowed to take with you and what is not.

Bag to the hospital

According to the rules of sanitary standards, it must be washable. A transparent bag in the maternity hospital, matte or glossy, will not be a breeding ground for bacteria in the clinic.

The number of bags is up to you. But if you divide them into categories, you can quickly navigate their content. You can buy ready-made sets of several bags, and put everything you need in them, it is also possible to supplement your set with large bags for discharge. They can be useful for discharge, or transfer some of the things to relatives after childbirth. Each set of bags «m/m» contains the author’s checklist «Going to the hospital».

Bag number 1 for mom

It will contain your personal belongings and documents. Necessary for staying in the prenatal and postnatal ward. Content can be roughly divided into several categories.

The documents. It is better to put them in a separate folder.

List of documents:

  • The passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Insurance policy
  • Exchange card
  • birth certificate
  • Direction
  • If you are going to a paid birth, don’t forget to include a contract.
  • For partner births, prepare the documents of loved ones.

Clothing. For your stay in the hospital, choose comfortable clothes that will be easy to put on and move around in.

  • Bathrobes. Choose loose and soft patterns that are easy to tie. In them you can go out into the corridor, go to an ultrasound scan or to the dining room.
  • Socks. Even in the warm season, your feet can get cold, so be sure to take them with you.
  • Shirts. Give preference to models with a deep neckline to make it easier to breastfeed your baby.
  • Rubber slippers. They do not slip and meet sanitary standards.
  • Compression stockings and a bandage if a caesarean section is planned.
  • Underwear. In addition to the usual cotton set, you can take disposable underwear that will not take time to wash. Choose a special nursing bra in advance.

Personal hygiene products. For your personal hygiene, don’t forget to bring:

  • Toothbrush and paste
  • comb
  • Shampoo
  • washcloth
  • Hair bands
  • Liquid soap
  • Machine
  • Several towels
  • Toilet paper and paper napkins
  • Postpartum pads and disposable breast pads.
  • If you are planning a partner birth with your husband, prepare slippers and a change of clothes for him.

Additional thingsthat provide comfort. This category of things will help anticipate some situations that you may have overlooked. Experienced mothers who have already had such experience are usually more prepared. And if you have to give birth for the first time, the absence of some things can cause discomfort.

  • Separate bags for dirty laundry. They will allow you to store dirty things that need washing.
  • Additionally, take a breast pump and cream for the area around the nipples, which will be useful in the first days after the birth of the child.
  • Still water 0.5 l and hygienic lipstick will help moisturize your lips.
  • Crockery — cup, fork and spoon. It is better to clarify in advance whether the dishes will be provided at the maternity hospital or if you need to take your own.
  • Snack that is allowed by the clinic. You can prepare in advance or ask to buy a husband.
  • A pen. You will fill out paperwork, and if there are several more people in line, you can wait quite a long time without your own pen.
  • Medications if you have a chronic disease.

It is better to collect a bag for mom separately. It will be easier for you to find the right thing if you separate the set of mother and child. Do not immediately take things with you for discharge. It is enough to prepare them in a separate bag along with the child’s things. This way you will quickly find what you need. Set aside cosmetics for discharge. You will most likely have your mobile phone with you, and you can put the charger before leaving the house or ask to bring loved ones.

Bag number 2 for a child

After the birth of a child, a separate bag will allow you to quickly find the necessary thing for the baby. It will contain clothes, diapers and hygiene products. It is necessary to put in it:

  • Diapers. Approximately 5-6 diapers will go per day. Depending on the weight of the baby, choose size 0 if the baby weighs up to 2.5 kg. Or size 1 if it weighs more.
  • Cream for applying under the diaper.
  • Unscented wet wipes.
  • Soap for children or special gel.
  • Diaper. Choose cotton or flannel. Also take disposables. There must be 10 or more in total.
  • Blanket or terry or fleece blanket.

What clothes to prepare:

  • Socks or booties.
  • Hats with and without ties.
  • Body, preferably with buttons or Velcro.
  • Scratches so that the child does not damage his skin while sleeping.

Take 3-4 pieces of clothes. Depending on the season, choose the right materials, taking into account the temperature in the room. Give preference to natural formulations that will be soft to the touch. Also, make sure that the seams and tags do not scratch the child’s skin. Choose clothes without elastic bands in the abdomen so that they do not pinch the navel. It is better to take this bag with you immediately, having prepared it in advance.

Bag #3 for discharge

The birth was successful, you and your baby have rested and are preparing to be discharged. If you have packed your things for discharge in advance, your relatives will bring them with them. But you can take it all together if you like. This is a bag for the maternity hospital for mom and baby, which will contain your common things.

Mom’s things:

  • Loose but comfortable outfit.
  • Comfortable shoes with flat soles.
  • Some cosmetics.
  • Hair styling products.

Child’s things:

  • Body or sliders.
  • Cap and hat.
  • An envelope according to the season or a blanket.
  • Warm overalls if discharged in winter.
  • Cotton «little man», if an extract in the summer.

Prepare a car seat for your newborn in advance. It is marked «0+». On the extract, you want to look beautiful and festive. You can buy a ready-made kit or assemble it yourself. The child must be dressed for the weather. He should not be cold or hot.

Useful tips for expectant mothers

You won’t be in the clinic for long, so your maternity bag should only contain the bare essentials.

What not to take:

  • Perfumes, sprays, soaps with a strong scent.
  • Decorative cosmetics for every day.
  • Outfits for every day, take only the essentials.

After childbirth, profuse bleeding is possible. In the clinic, you can be given a limited number of pads, and bed linen will be changed only according to the schedule. Therefore, take care of this in advance.

Preparations for childbirth should begin at 31-34 weeks. At this time, start searching for bags and fill them with the necessary things. Each hospital’s rules may vary. Therefore, in advance, check the list of things that you will be allowed to take with you.

What do you recommend to put in a maternity bag?


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