Your child’s doctor has advised specialized orthopedic shoes. Is it worth it to panic? Not! Don’t rush to panic!

Let’s figure out why he gave such advice and how the child’s foot is formed.

The first thing to understand is that a baby is born with a flat foot.

On a child’s foot, like an adult, there is no so-called longitudinal arch. This «longitudinal arch», together with numerous muscles of the ankle, works as a shock absorber, protecting the joints of the legs and the spine from injury. There is nothing like this for a small child. In place of the longitudinal arch is a fatty pad, the muscles of the ankle joint are not developed.

Only by the age of five, a longitudinal arch appears on a small leg, and at 7-10 years old we already see a foot that is more or less similar to an adult. The full formation of the foot ends at about 20-21 years old, in girls — 2-3 years earlier. Only by this age does ossification of all cartilaginous structures of the foot occur.

Our task as parents is to promote the correct formation of the child’s foot.

As soon as our beloved child stands on its feet, it rests more on the outer side of the foot. This is the so-called «varus setting of the feet.» It lasts for about a year and a half.

As our baby learns to walk, he tries to keep his balance by spreading his legs wide. The same fat pad that we talked about earlier helps him in this. It turns out some blockage of the stop inside. This is called «valgus foot placement.» This pathological setting of the foot is the most common.

Disease is better to prevent than to cure.

A mild form of hallux valgus leads to fatigue, soreness in the feet after a long, intense load, circulatory disorders in the ankle, stagnation of blood and lymph. In severe cases: flat feet, curvature of the thumb (as they say «bump» on the finger) and constant pain.

So is it worth paying attention to this disease?

After all, many of our ancestors, without any orthopedic wisdom, happily avoided these troubles?!

You know it’s worth it! It is worth increasing your child’s chances of a quality life. Moreover, neither painful procedures nor special expenses are required.

So what shoes to choose for your blood?

Antivalgus shoes! These are specially designed models of orthopedic shoes, when worn, the lower leg and foot are fixed in an anatomically correct position. This ensures the correct formation of the child’s foot and does not cause him any anxiety!

Features of anti-valgus shoes SursilOrtho:

Asymmetrical outsole.

The greatest height of the sole falls on the posterior inner corner of the sole. The height of the sole gradually increases from the posterior outer corner to the posterior inner one and then gradually decreases in all directions towards the middle of the sole. The bevel angle is 5 degrees.

Front and rear rolls,

which facilitate the “heel strike” and “foot roll” phases of the step, give walking ease and comfort.

Heel counter of moderate firmness,

which provides additional stabilization of the heel, here it replaces the hard heel counter (as in preventive and stabilizing shoes)

EVA outsole with rubber inserts has a minimum weight and practically does not slip on any floor coverings.

It is very important that sufficient flexibility of the sole and a small bevel angle make it possible to use these shoes both for plano-valgus deformities of the feet and for prophylactic purposes.

You should also pay attention to a number of features of SursilOrtho anti-valgus shoes:

the top is made only from natural material, there are no rough joints, seams and other elements that can rub or damage delicate baby skin;

a fairly wide toe, the child’s fingers are free, do not squeeze or deform;

insoles are made of moisture-absorbing, breathable materials, have an antibacterial coating;

shoes are easily and quickly fastened, providing a strong fixation of the lower leg, reliably preventing dislocations.

Well, there are a lot of different models, styles and colors! Don’t believe? See for yourself! (following a link)

And then we train the muscles. We do not sit for hours at the TV or computer monitor! Maximum movement and reasonable physical activity. May your happiness grow healthy, happy and… obedient!


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