Body Butter is a thick, rich texture that intensely nourishes the skin for 24 hours. The secret is in the key ingredient: each butter contains natural shea butter, which gives the product all the valuable qualities and appetizing texture.

History of creation

The very first Butter The Body Shop appeared in 1992: it was a product with mango seed butter. The sweet tropical aroma and dense texture immediately won the hearts of the brand’s customers, and the assortment of butters began to grow every year.

Butter got its name (from the English butter — butter) thanks to the daughter of Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop brand. She was spreading butter on toast one morning at breakfast and exclaimed, “Mom, look, this butter is just like your body cream!” Anita decided that this was a great marketing ploy and so she began to call butters.

How is butter different from other body products?

The main differences between a butter and a cream or body milk are a denser rich texture, as well as deep skin nutrition, which is suitable even for a very dry type. If the milk and cream provide the skin with moisture for no more than 8-12 hours, then the butters will nourish the skin from 24 to 48 hours thanks to the complex of oils in the composition. Butters are used very economically, and their aroma will accompany you all day.

Top 5 Butters The Body Shop

All butters deeply nourish even dry skin, make it soft and delicate, absorb quickly without leaving greasy marks on clothes and have mouth-watering aromas and textures. We’ve rounded up the top most popular ones!

Butter for the body «Mango»

The same butter-bestseller since 1992! Contains mango, shea and cocoa seed butter. Free of parabens, dyes, preservatives and fragrances, this product will give your skin a bright tropical mango scent, and you will be in a sunny mood.

Butter for the body «Shi»

The richest and most nourishing skin smoothie made from a blend of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Babassu & Beeswax. Butter will give a warm nutty aroma and make the skin incredibly soft.

Butter for the body «Strawberry»

Butter for lovers of sweet berry flavors contains strawberry seed oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. This tool will remind you of the brightest events of the summer all year round.

Butter for the body «Olives»

Olive oil has long been famous for its nourishing properties for the beauty of the skin. Butter with olive, shea and cocoa oils will give the skin deep nourishment and a delicate herbal aroma.

Moringa Body Butter

Infused with Indian moringa seed oils, shea and cacao, this butter will evoke the spicy Orient and leave your skin with a sweet, floral scent.

By the way, the brand buys shea butter, which is contained in each butter, from the women’s cooperative of sultry Ghana under the Fair Trade program. There, local women collect and process this valuable component by hand according to ancient recipes. As a result, the Ghanaian cooperative has a regular income, improves living conditions, and The Body Shop customers receive an excellent quality product made with love.

Choose your favorite butter and enjoy your delicate and soft skin every day!


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