What do buggy jeans look like?

Balloon jeans have a number of distinctive features that make them recognizable. They are easy to identify by voluminous, even baggy style. Each leg tapers down. This model sits perfectly on the hips due to its shape. If necessary, the width of this part can always be adjusted using a stylish strap.

Initially, buggies were made with a low landing. But after a while, they became a trendy thing with a high waist, which today is very relevant and popular with fashionistas.

All these qualities are possessed by a universal model of buggy jeans, which are presented by the store TopDenim. I would like to take a closer look at the trending product:

· Jeans are available in different sizes from 25 to 33.

· The model is available in several colors. Namely in dark blue, blue, black and gray.

· When sewing things, high-quality cotton is used, which retains its original appearance and color for a long time. Of course, subject to the rules of caring for her.

· The model is complemented by convenient pockets and a zipper with a button for fixing at the waist.

The buggies do not hinder movement and do not squeeze the body at the locations of the seams, so they allow you to feel as comfortable as possible.

The main advantages of the model

As mentioned earlier, buggies have a voluminous main part, which tapers downwards. This style allows you to give a special sophistication and femininity, even if the girl does not have voluminous hips. In simple words, with the help of such a thing it is easy to visually transform almost any silhouette into an hourglass figure.

It is baggy that makes it possible to successfully hide the obvious imperfections of the body in the most problematic areas. First of all, we are talking about the hips and stomach. The slimness of the legs is emphasized by straight vertical lines.

Buggy is a good choice for different seasons. They are comfortable in both cool and warm weather.

Who are balloon jeans for?

Denim pants balloons look good on women of different builds. All due to the fact that they are able to hide certain figure flaws, while focusing on the main advantages.

Women with curvaceous forms can look after themselves a successful buggy model. They should take their size or one smaller. This trick will emphasize the legs, visually stretch them.

A high waist helps to hide the stomach. This style is no less relevant for women of short stature. They lengthen and slim the legs.

But the model with voluminous pockets is well suited for slender tall girls. With their help, it will be possible to achieve the correct outline of the hips, to give them the desired volume.

What to combine with a trendy thing

The versatility of balloon jeans lies in another important point. They pair well with a wide variety of tops. Therefore, every fashionista has a couple of things that will successfully harmonize with a new purchase.

Buggy looks appropriate in a casual look. They are also no less relevant in sports, youth and even evening sets.

The following are a few hint options that explain what you can successfully combine with classic balloon jeans:

one. A sweatshirt, oversized hoodie or sweatshirt is best paired with baggy jeans for a sporty look. Complement his sneakers, sneakers and moccasins. This combination is not only stylish, but also incredibly practical. This is highly valued by women who lead an active lifestyle.

2. When choosing a wardrobe for every day, you should think about the combination of a buggy with a crop top. If preference is given to a blouse or shirt, then it is worth considering a looser option tucked into the belt. Femininity and zest add shoes with heels or platform.

3. As for outerwear, classic hard-fit coat models are suitable for balloon jeans. The same applies to jackets made of dense fabric.

In the summer season, buggies go well with T-shirts and T-shirts, which are strongly recommended to be at least partially tucked into the belt. Otherwise, you can forget about a slender and well-defined waist. In winter, they are replaced by warm voluminous sweaters.

There are no strict restrictions on choosing the perfect shoes for balloon jeans. They look good both with shoes and sandals, and with sneakers, loafers. The choice is actually very huge. And it depends, for the most part, on the general image.

Worth a look at the brand page TopDenimto find your perfect buggy jeans or other styles for the coming year.


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