Every girl dreams of smooth and healthy skin, because this is the key to self-confidence. Clean skin without inflammation does not require a lot of cosmetics and tonal products, it looks radiant on its own.

The condition of the skin is influenced by many factors: lifestyle, walks in the fresh air or lack thereof, nutrition, weather conditions and, of course, daily care. It includes 3 main stages, the sequence and regularity of which is important to observe for maximum results: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

If you follow all the rules, but the skin leaves much to be desired — it dries, flakes, looks lethargic and dull — perhaps the care is chosen incorrectly. If you recognize your skin in the description above, try it. cosmetics with ceramides from SIBERINA.

What are ceramides?

These are lipids, which, like «bricks», form the basis of the skin’s natural lipid barrier. It provides protection from external influences and helps retain moisture in the cells. When it is broken, the skin becomes dehydrated, dull, irritated, sensitive, more vulnerable to external influences and prone to early aging. This is where cosmetics with ceramides come in handy.

Do not forget that in order to achieve a visible result, care must be comprehensive — one cream will not be enough.

In our series with ceramides, there are products for both basic and additional care, today we will talk about the first group — this is the base that is used every day.

Choosing SIBERINA products with ceramides for daily care, you can be sure of the natural composition, high-quality recipe and beneficial properties of each product.


Moisturizing and softening facial wash with ceramides for dry and sensitive skin with rose hydrosol has a delicate floral aroma and gives the skin a healthy and fresh look. D-panthenol in the composition heals, softens and smoothes, gives a feeling of pleasant hydration. Horsetail extract improves oxygen and lipid metabolism, allowing skin cells to renew themselves in a timely manner.

Does drinking water dry out your skin? Try waterless cleansing with moisturizing and softening milk wash with ceramides for dry and sensitive skin. It has a delicate creamy texture and allows you to gently cleanse the skin of dirt, dust and make-up residues even without the use of water. Does not dry or tighten the skin, provides the necessary moisturizing effect. As part of olive and jojoba oils, they nourish the skin, increase firmness and elasticity. Vitamin F with fatty acids eliminates skin flaking, bisabolol and D-panthenol soothe and heal.

Do you use decorative cosmetics? Then you will need moisturizing and softening micellar water with ceramides for dry and sensitive skin. It soothes the skin, gently removes the remnants of impurities and makeup. The formula with micelles — special molecules — acts instantly, leaving no feeling of tightness, dryness or irritation. The composition contains rose hydrolate, aloe vera gel and D-panthenol — they moisturize, relieve irritation, give softness, velvety to the skin, improve complexion.


Moisturizing and softening facial toner with ceramides for dry and sensitive skin helps to complete the cleansing procedure and prepare the skin for the application of the cream. It refreshes the skin, relieves irritation and has a light floral scent thanks to the rose hydrolate in the composition. Horsetail extracts and D-panthenol soften the skin and accelerate cell metabolism.

Hydration and nutrition

Moisturizing and softening face cream with ceramides for dry and sensitive skin — the last, third step in care. Vitamin F in the composition of the cream with fatty acids helps restore the skin’s lipid barrier, get rid of peeling and dryness. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and slows down the aging process. The light texture of the cream and fast absorption allows it to be used as both a day and night cream.

Choose cosmetics with ceramides in our catalog, do not forget about regularity and a systematic approach, and your skin will definitely appreciate such care!


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