Comforter This is the baby’s first toy. The purpose of the comforter is to soothe the child. These toys help babies feel safe even when their mother is not around. Comfort can be a soft toy, a handkerchief or a small blanket.

How does a comforter work?

Mothers apply the comforter to the breast while feeding the baby. The fabric of the toy is saturated with the smell of mother’s milk. If you put such a toy in a baby’s crib, he will smell the mother’s scent. Babies fall asleep better when they feel the presence of a loved one. And mothers will be able to leave the crib to do their own thing.

Toys, handkerchiefs or clothes without small elements can be used as comforters. Babies love to put everything in their mouths. Tiny buttons and bows are not safe for babies. Therefore, comforters should be of high quality sewn from materials that do not cause allergies.

Comforters are sewn from soft fabric. Such toys are pleasant to the touch. Comforters can be sucked and touched. Such actions develop fine motor skills and help to form a speech skill.

A spy toy is used to create an association for a dream. The comforter is placed in the crib when the baby is getting ready for bed. This is part of the daily ritual. Being next to the toy, the baby understands that it’s time to sleep.

Soft bears, bunnies, dogs will come in handy when the child grows up. Cute comforters can become your baby’s favorite toy. You can take them on a trip or visit. It is easier for a child to fall asleep with comfort even in an unfamiliar environment.

What will become comfortable: a handkerchief, clothes or a soft toy — you decide. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the product. After all, the safety of the baby comes first.


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