Moms, mams, moms- they are all native.

In modern world Jeans are the most popular thing in any wardrobe: for every taste, for any build, for any occasion, for any event, for any style, there is a jeans model.

Mclothes, styles, gradations, varieties these trousers so many it’s easy to get confused!

Today I want to talk with you specifically about the jeans of the Moms model.. Why? Yes, simply because it is one of the most popular and convenient models, starting already since the 90s (or even much earlier) and to this day.

Everyone has already understood that moms jeans Literally translated as «mom’s jeans.» Bryukand thisabout cut occupy a worthy place in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Also a fact verified.

So what makes mom jeans differents from the rest? What is their feature?

Everything is very simple: high waist — one, fabric — two, cut and fit — three.

And now in more detail.

Once. The waist of mams is at the level of the navel. Thanks to the cut of jeans, it is highlighted as much as possible. Which makes the figure more feminine and slim.

Two. The material of the denim itself is dense, without stretch.

Three. Moms are pants directlyth croI who do not fit legs and hips, they sit on them quite freely and without folds. Pants tight withgo at the waist and tight fittingut upper buttocks, which also looks very feminine and appetizing.

The jeans of this model are always comfortable, convenient, practical. They do not hinder movement and always look as stylish as possible. In a word: moms are always a win-win option!


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