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The MyParallettes team is in touch, and we are producing premium parallets. An involuntary question may arise — «What is it ?!». Parallets or stands are push-ups on which they train a corner, a handstand, a horizon, and a huge number of different exercises with a greater amplitude due to the elevated position of the body above the floor.

Why do we make stops from wood? Because wood is a natural material that is much more pleasant, dearer and closer to a person. The stops made of metal are certainly stronger than those of wood, but they are heavier and feel cold to the touch. Plastic racks are a budget option. They are suitable for the initial level of training, as a test of the pen, however, it is out of the question to work out complex elements on such stops — it is simply unsafe.

Wood is closer to man than metal or plastic

In turn, beech wood is one of the most durable and suitable woods for making everyday objects, because it is durable and does not splinter. For this very reason, we immediately decided to produce high-quality and practically «eternal» paragliders that will delight you, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Beech is an ideal tree for paralets

Why bother with paragliding? Let’s figure it out, because wooden stops hide tremendous potential!

FIRST, for a good workoutdon’t need a lot of space. With paragliders, everything is simple — where you put them, train right there. You can train in your room, in the living room, in the country — yes, literally everywhere!

The mobility of the paralets is a huge plus — the main thing is to have a flat surface, although training is very comfortable even on the lawn — you can work out complex elements and are not afraid of painful «encounters» with a hard floor. We glue special rubber (rubber-based) anti-slip pads on our stops for maximum grip on almost any surface, be it tile, laminate, concrete or linoleum.

Paralets stand as if rooted to the spot

SECONDLY, wooden stops are a universal simulator on which you can work out and strengthen, without exaggeration, muscle groups of the whole body! You can constantly change the angle and position of the stops, making your workouts as diverse as possible. Our Parallettes Training encyclopedia contains more than 120 exercises for every taste — and the collection is constantly updated. Parallettes can be used literally anywhere.

Workout — for working out complex elements;

Gymnastics — in fact, they come from here;

Yoga — as a support for balance asanas;

Home workouts — got it, set it, train;

Fitness — for greater muscle stretch during push-ups; Rehabilitation — to relieve excessive stress from the hands.

THIRDLY, by training with paralets, you facilitate the work of the brushes, that is, relieve them of excessive load. If your hands start to hurt during classes on the floor, just try to train on paragliders — the progress will be obvious and you will instantly feel the difference.

The wrist joint is one of the most vulnerable places, especially among fans of street workout and street gymnastics. The load on the brushes is sometimes colossal, besides, the lion’s share of all the work falls on them. Therefore, the anatomically correct position of the hands during exercise will not only make your workouts comfortable, but also ensure athletic longevity.

FOURTH, with the help of paralets you will be able to progress to more difficult exercises, because you have a grip with more stability and control, as opposed to an open hand and hands on the floor. True truth! Greater grip stability is especially relevant when mastering the handstand, when stabilization of the whole body is important, when attempts are made to catch the balance, firstly, in an uncomfortable upside down position.

The MyParallettes range includes wooden stops in different sizes, so they can be used by both beginners and world-class professional athletes!

The MINI stops will become your indispensable travel assistant, because they fully justify their name — they are easy to fit not only in a suitcase, but even a relatively small backpack can fit them with ease. Parallets UNIVERSAL will be a great help to start working out demanding exercises, and STANDART stands will be the icing on the cake when mastering the elements of extra class.

Parallets for every taste!

In short, once you try and fall in love with our premium quality wooden parapets, any of your workouts will be comfortable and enjoyable, your hands will be healthy, and your arsenal of complex elements will be regularly replenished with new specimens!

Get in on the action, it’s still worth it!

The author of the material is Nikita Matveev.


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