Protein complexes of the CADIVEU brand are used by many world famous stylists as hair protection in the process of bleaching and dyeing hair.

How to use proteins correctly?

Application details:

• Protein «Re-Charge Protein Sol do Rio» suitable for protecting hair during coloring and lightening.

When lightening, you need to add 4-6 gr. protein per 20 gr. powder (or 10 g of protein per 100 g of brightening mixture).
When staining, you need to add up to 2 gr. protein per 60 gr. paints.

• Protein Detox suitable for the protection of especially damaged, bleached, brittle hair

When lightening, the protein is applied to damaged areas of the hair, to evenly distribute the product, you can use a comb with soft silicone teeth, then dry your hair with a hairdryer and proceed to bleaching.

Detox protein is NOT added to the bleaching powder!

Protein «Detox» can also be used in toning (in cases where it is necessary that the lightening background does not «rise» when the dye gets on natural hair.
Calculation: 1 ml per 10 g of dye. The use of protein together with the dye has a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair.

If you want to add additional caring ingredients to the dye, then you can add oil Acai oil just a couple of drops.

Proteins of the Detox and Sol Do Rio line can be used in home care:
• Protein «Re-Charge Protein Sol do Rio» is applied to wet hair for 30 minutes, then washed off.
• Protein «Detox» is applied to dry hair 20-30 before shampooing and then washed off.


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