In the summer we spend a lot of time outdoors — giving, walking in parks, going to barbecues. And, of course, we encounter annoying mosquitoes and midges, which are also activated in warm weather. To protect against such unpleasant neighbors, there are repellents in the form of a spray or cream that keep insects at a safe distance.

And today we want to introduce you to another effective product in an unusual format that repels mosquitoes and midges — thisrepellent scented candles.

How do they work?

The aroma candle contains essential oils, the aroma of which is not liked by insects, because. irritates their receptors, while for a person this smell will seem pleasant and relaxing.

Where is a repellant candle useful?

  • on a picnic in the woods or by the lake
  • on the open veranda in the country house
  • on a romantic date in the park
  • in an apartment or country house

Important!When using indoors, do not forget about ventilation and do not leave the candle near furniture, carpets or within the reach of children and animals!

Aroma candles with repellent properties from SIBERINA are simple, convenient and environmentally friendly:

  • 100% natural composition.The basis of the candle is soy wax, which does not emit substances harmful to health. The organic cotton wick is also completely safe.
  • Effective protection against mosquitoes and midges.Contains powerful natural repellents — essential oils of citronella, lavender, mint, thyme, rosemary, geranium, cypress, basil, tea tree, etc.
  • Compact size and stylish packaging.A jar of dark glass will fit into any interior, it is convenient to take it with you (the lid will protect against dust and dirt), and when the candle runs out, you can hand it over for recycling.
  • Aromatherapy.Pleasant aromas of natural essential oils gently affect the psycho-emotional sphere, harmonizing well-being and mood. Add here a special coziness and atmosphere created by burning candles — complete relaxation is guaranteed!

In the SIBERINA catalog you will find repellent candles with 3 different scents:

Repellent aroma candle «Citronella» has a thick, rich, fresh smell of citrus with a slight bitterness. Essential oil of citronella (also called lemongrass) is considered an effective repellant, and also has a tonic effect, invigorates and uplifts the mood.

For those who love floral fragrances, we offer repellent aroma candle «Lavender and rosemary».A mixture of essential oils of lavender, rosemary, mint and thyme will give you a fresh, warm, sweetish and slightly tart smell of flowering fields — very pleasant and soothing.

This aroma composition is great for a soulful evening with friends or a loved one, while keeping insects at a safe distance.

BUT repellent aroma candle «Tea tree and geranium»with a deep woody and spicy aroma with floral and resinous notes, it will create a cozy atmosphere wherever you decide to light it, at home or in nature. The candle owes such an interesting aroma to a set of essential oils — geranium, tea tree, cypress and basil. All of these plants are considered powerful natural repellants that will provide gentle insect protection for the entire family.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the company of friends and relatives, and repellent candles from SIBERINA will not let uninvited insect guests in!


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