Are you surprised by smartphones and computers? Even smart washing machines and refrigerators are not perceived as descended from the pages of science fiction novels. The first step to a smart home is smart sockets, they will turn on the lights or household appliances according to the schedule you set, and also turn off the forgotten iron with one click in the application, fantastic?? Not at all, I present an overview of popular smart sockets

When choosing a smart plug, pay attention to the supported voice assistant. With Alice you will be more comfortable and familiar than with Alexa (She only speaks English). More importantly, the limiting current in amperes (A) and power in watts (W). Do not connect appliances with a total capacity higher than stated.

Smart socket HomeAlone — OdinAdoma with Alice

No remote control is required — just a smartphone and a Wi-Fi router. You will not need the services of a wizard during installation, it simply plugs into a regular electrical outlet, and the HomeAlone program (Free) is installed from Google Play or the Apple Store. You can set up control through the Yandex voice assistant Alice — you just say with your voice what needs to be done, and for the new year there is a special scenario: One two three, the Christmas tree burns — and the garland lights up!

That’s all. You will be able to control the outlet from the Russian company Mobile Teleport from any place on the planet where there is Internet. You can turn on the device with one click or define work scenarios in the application, at the time you need, the lighting will be turned on, the air conditioner or washing machine will start working, the floor or boiler will start heating. Also, this outlet has the smallest size of all the outlets I bought, which will not block adjacent connectors, which was very useful to me.

Supply voltage: 210-240 volts, frequency 50-60 Hz
Maximum current: 16 A
Certified: EAC, CE, ROHS
Working temperature range: from -20ºС to +50ºС
The range of used room humidity is not more than 90%
Height: 8 cm
Length: 4.3cm
Width: 4.3cm
Weight: 147 g

SU02 Smart WiFi Power Socket

Wi-Fi socket supports control from phones and Amazon Alexa. If you are not at home and suddenly remembered that the light was on, and the TV and air conditioner are working, turn off the appliances and lights with a few touches on the smartphone display. Set the time to turn on the air conditioner and water heater regularly. Open the app to see which home appliances are included.

Can be used not only at home but also in the office

Obedient Wi-Fi socket HomeAlone USB

Did the manufacturer of the phone or tablet not include a power adapter with an electrical plug in the box? It does not have to be purchased separately. The socket in question has a USB connector.

Control the power of household appliances from your smartphone and charge smartphones and other compatible devices along the way through the USB port.

Obedient socket is compatible with household appliances:

— Air conditioners

— Heaters

— TVs

— Fans

– washing machines

— table lamps

SWA1 by Lingan

It is easy to set up, but the design is not for everyone, and besides, there is no technical support in Russia. Install the app and create an account. Plug your smart plug into a normal one. Add a device in the app and wait for the installation to complete. You can give your outlet a unique name, such as Living Room Lighting. Determine the time to turn on and off the outlet.

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