When buying shoes, you probably noticed a few white bags lying at the bottom. Most often they are considered meaningless content, but is it?

Silica gel — most often transparent white balls that absorb moisture, increasing in size. We will tell you how else you can use these granules with benefit.


Everyone has experienced the fact that silver quickly darkens. This phenomenon occurs due to excess moisture. To prevent darkening, it is necessary to store silver next to the bags, or in the silica gel beads themselves.


Everyone is familiar with the life hack when a wet phone is put in rice. But it will be more effective if you put the phone in pellets. Overnight, silica gel will absorb excess moisture, and the smartphone will return to work.

Bags and shoes

If your shoes or bag get wet, then silica gel bags will come to the rescue. Put a few pieces inside and everything will be absorbed. Silica gel also helps fight sweat and odor.


Rust is the enemy of both garden and construction tools. To prevent corrosion from excess moisture, simply place a few packets of silica gel in your storage box to save your tools.


If you store the pills not in the first aid kit, but in the cabinet in the bathroom, which, of course, is by no means recommended, because. a humid environment is not intended for drugs, because if they are saturated with moisture, they can lose their medicinal properties. To avoid trouble, place bags of granules next to the tablets.

Important Tips

  1. Do not leave silica gel bags in the open air, as the balls can become saturated with moisture.
  2. If the gel granules have ceased to fulfill their function, simply place the bags in the oven and they will return to their original properties. Sufficient will be 30 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees.

These tips will make your life easier!


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