Many toxins enter the human body every day. Wise nature has instilled in each of us the ability to cleanse ourselves. And the human body does this all the time. But with age, its capabilities weaken under the influence of diseases, malnutrition, bad habits, stress and poor ecology. In our review, recommendations on how you can help your body.

On the one hand, our life has become easier: there is no need to waste time on many everyday household items, because hundreds of tools have appeared that help to do everything quickly and efficiently. In stores at any time of the year you can buy any vegetables and fruits, there are a lot of semi-finished products on the shelves, which also significantly save time.

On the other hand, every day we get a huge dose of toxins from the same vegetables, household chemicals, favorite shampoo or deodorant, from plain water. And how many toxins after a fresh repair? Yes, we began to live better, in some families there are two cars, but exhaust gases are becoming many times more. And we breathe this air every day.

Obviously, this can only be avoided if you go to live far away in the taiga, but who among us is ready to do this? So what to do? Recognize the fact that it is impossible to completely avoid the influence of toxins and help your body.

— In essence, toxins are poisons, that is, substances that have a poisonous, toxic effect on the body. The degree of this effect may differ depending on the type and amount of poisonous substance. But where do they come from?

— Air — a person does not always notice that the air is not clean enough. But exhaust gases and industrial emissions are the most powerful source of toxic substances for people;

— Water is a heavy groan of any large city. In addition to hardness salts from groundwater, fertilizers from agriculture, dangerous compounds from heavy chemical industry and other unpleasant impurities seep into taps;

— Food — it’s sad to see how healthy strong people invest in their hospital card, eating huge amounts of fast food, snacks, convenience foods and drinks of dubious quality;

— Smoking — tobacco smoke is a storehouse of narcotic, toxic substances and resins;

— Furniture and building materials — horror stories about formaldehyde in furniture, unfortunately, are often confirmed by harsh reality. And the list of toxic substances found in residential areas is quite impressive;

— Household chemicals and cosmetics — the more effective the product, the more aggressive its composition, so these products are also included in the list of suppliers of toxins.

— Sources can be various bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that carry infections, tumor cells. Many toxic substances are found in plants, animals are also able to produce the strongest toxins, such as snakes, mollusks, echinoderms and arachnids.

Toxins can cause many diseases, so it is important to get rid of them in time. Don’t put off taking care of your health! Get started today.

! At one time, the great physician Hippocrates said: «We are what we eat.» He was of the opinion that human diseases are the result of malnutrition.

Proper nutrition is the basis of health and longevity. But, if you do not remove toxins from the body, then high-quality nutrition will not make a person healthy.

Recovery of general health should begin with detoxification.
IF THE ORGANISM IS NOT PURIFIED, it will not be able to completely get rid of any disease.

Alatoo juice-balm is an effective cleanser that cleanses the body of toxins, parasites and their larvae.

Alatoo balm juice is a complete complex of vitamins, minerals, essential and fatty oils, antioxidants necessary for the body. Alatoo components cleanse blood vessels, stabilize the cardiovascular system, gently and naturally remove toxins from the body. Each component of the Alatoo balm contains many valuable substances: resins, essential oils, fatty oils, enzymes and amino acids, vitamins B1, C, D, various minerals — calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, as well as antioxidants that inhibit the development of cancer. cells.

When taking it, you must comply with a number of requirements: give up alcohol, minimize the use of dairy products and sweets, fatty fried foods, yeast bread. And also take concomitant medications, sorbents and be sure to drink more clean water.
In this case, the purification process will be more successful.


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