Why do you need water colors?

Coloring with water is not only fun, but also a very useful activity, during which the child:
• Trains fine motor skills and coordination by gently brushing the wet brush across the areas to be painted.
• Expands horizons by listening to funny poems and interesting facts.
• Imbued with interest in drawing, seeing a colorful picture, which with his help was obtained from a black and white image.

Types of water coloring pages

There are two types of water colors:
• Reusable waterproof material perfect for bathroom fun and the very first contact with coloring and brush, after drying, the pictures will be as before coloring.
• Disposable, with paper pages — to improve the acquired skills, after drying the picture will remain in color.
To make the picture bright and neat
In order for the final drawing to be bright and neat, it is important to follow simple recommendations:
• Keep an eye on the amount of water on the brush, so you can avoid excessive wetting of the paper and the picture on the back will not suffer.
• In order to avoid color mixing and the picture does not look “dirty”, it is necessary to observe the borders of the coloring areas.
• If the child is not yet able to work with a wet brush, give him wet wipes — then the drawing will be bright and neat without much effort.

How to choose water coloring?

In order for classes to bring maximum joy and benefit, when choosing water coloring, be guided by the age and interests of the child, and also take into account his individual characteristics.

If the child is 9 to 18 months old

For very young children, the ideal solution would be reusable coloring books made of waterproof material. They do not tear, withstand the onslaught of children’s hands without any problems, and you can also take them with you to the bathroom, where it is very convenient to show the “magic” of water: wet the page and the picture will turn into color. At the same time, you can ignore the amount of water and the accuracy of coloring — the colors will not mix, and the pages will not get wet.
Recommended series:
• Malyshariki. Magic coloring — art. 6951630, 6951631, 6951629
• Magic accordion cups — art. 11249681, 11249690

If the child is 1 to 2 years old

For children aged 1 to 2 years old, paper coloring pages with thick outlines and large areas for coloring should be chosen — this will make it easier for the baby to stay within the boundaries and avoid mixing colors.
Recommended series:
• Malyshariki. Water coloring — art. 7127648, 7127662, 7127646, 7127647
• My first water coloring — art. 11331811, 11331813, 11331810, 11331812
• Fairy tales. I paint with water — art. 13850790, 13850789
• Cars. I paint with water — art. 13850788, 13850787
• Additive riddles — art. 9893097, 9893098, 9893099, 9893096

If the child is between 2 and 4 years old

Children 2-4 years old usually already have basic skills in working with a brush, so for them the best solution would be water coloring with more detailed and varied pictures. The thickness of the contours and the size of the areas for coloring will have a secondary role, the main thing is that the little artist should be interested.
Recommended series:
• Three cats. Water coloring — art. 11331837, 11331836, 11331834, 11331835
• I paint with water — art. 11477756, 11477758, 11477757, 11477759
• I paint with water — art. 11331815, 11331817, 11331814, 11331816
• Smart bunny. Water coloring — art. 11331863, 11331862
• Unicorns. Color with water — art. 13850786, 13850784, 13850783, 13850785


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