The layout on the tarot cards for the near future describes what can happen to a person within one month, if a specific period of time is not set. Divination can be carried out both on the use of the entire deck of 78 cards, and on any Arcana of the deck.

Divination for 11 cards

  • 1 — your present, how your life works and what happens in it on the day of divination. It also describes your emotional state.
  • 2 — events that should happen in the near future. These may be events that you expect, or it may be something unplanned and unknown to you until this moment.
  • 3 — moments from the present that will become a thing of the past, or you will need to part with this.
  • 4 — pay attention to this. The position encourages you to focus on this point, perhaps this information may be useful to you further.
  • 5 — emotional state in the future, how it will change relative to the present moment.
  • 6 — what the future will present to you is a kind of gifts and chances that you can use for free. The main thing is to correctly recognize what is being sent to you.
  • 7 — changes that may occur and your attitude towards them.
  • 8 — fate can present you with a kind of test, this card tells you what it can be.
  • 9 — your attitude to the information received.
  • 10 — this should be given special attention.
  • 11 — advice of cards on what to do with the information received, what actions to take, and whether it is worth letting the events awaiting you into your life.

The result of this alignment is best recorded with a date stamp when the alignment was made. These activities will help you track the trend of change in your life and help you better understand what the cards want to tell you.

You can make this layout on our classic universal Rider Waite tarot cards from 1910. There are 78 cards in the deck for divination and divination (22 major and 56 minor arcana). In the kit you will find: a bag for storing cards, an instruction book with a detailed interpretation and description of the meaning of the cards and layouts in Russian. There are 2 types of decks available. The decks are perfect for both beginners and already practicing tarot readers. Our cards have a size of 6:11 cm, which makes them very convenient to use.

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