Before the birth of a child, many mothers write lists of things that may be needed. Often there are many completely unnecessary items on these lists. We decided to help you and picked up products that your baby will definitely need and will make your motherhood easier.


Have you ever wondered why rattles are so important for babies? This toy not only entertains the baby, but also contributes to the development of important skills. When you hold the rattle, the baby learns to track the source of the sound, to watch the moving toy. Gradually, the baby will learn to hold on to the rattle and shake it, which will help develop fine motor skills. «Smart» rattles with buttons teach the baby to cause and effect relationships: if you press the button, the toy will play.

Feeding bottle

Many mothers believe that a feeding bottle is only needed if the baby is bottle-fed. But as practice shows, you often have to express milk in order to feed the baby. In this case, you may also need a bottle. Choose models that are curved in the middle so that the baby can comfortably hold the bottle. Also pay attention to the shape of the nipple: recently, manufacturers have been relying on the shape of the nipple that mimics the female nipple. This is very important if the baby is on mixed feeding.


Babies need a cup from about 3-4 months. At this age, you can choose a cup with handles so that it is convenient for the baby to grab it with handles. For older children, choose options without handles. Using a sippy cup will help your baby move smoothly from the breast/bottle to the self-contained “cup” option.


The pacifier is a real «helper» for mom. When the baby starts acting up, and the mother is too tired, the pacifier will help to quickly calm the child. However, you should not give the baby a pacifier too often, as they say, you need to adhere to the «golden mean». If you want to start breastfeeding, then it’s worth the wait. Give your baby a pacifier after feeding or at bedtime, as the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) is produced when sucking: thanks to him, the child feels full and calm.


To relieve the baby of the pain when teething the first teeth, you definitely need a teether. Many models are usually round — so that it is easy for the baby to hold in his hands, to bring such an «assistant» to his mouth.

night light

Many child psychologists advise using a night light with soft light in the first months of life, as darkness can scare the baby. Yes, and it is more convenient for mom to get up at night to the baby if the room is lit. And in case you need to swaddle, feed or change a diaper, a night light is just a salvation.


Comforters are popular with moms all over the world. A spy toy is usually placed nearby during feeding so that it is saturated with mother’s scent. With comforters, the crumbs fall asleep very well and sleep peacefully, as the scent of the mother allows the child to feel protected.

What else would you add to the list of important things for a baby? Share with us in the comments!


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