High-speed data transfer, fast charging, accurate video and audio transmission — you will find a lot of possibilities in one small device.

Imagine that you (or your loved one) are on a business trip where you have to talk about your project. Speaking in a new place, in front of an unfamiliar audience, using someone else’s equipment is already quite stressful, and here the wires are tangled under your feet, and the presentation with important visual material does not want to start from the phone.

In fact, this is a normal working situation, if a) arrive at the audience early, check everything in advance and connect the necessary specialists; b) do the same, plus take a multifunctional hub with you. This little device will easily fit in the pocket of your laptop bag, and will bring many benefits. Let’s talk about all its features in order.

USB splitter

Three USB 3.0 ports provide high-speed data transfer. Using a hub, you can connect three USB devices to your computer instead of one.

Simultaneously charge up to three devices

Phone, tablet, sports watch — through the hub you can charge from one USB connector up to three devices at the same time.

Simultaneous charging and connection

Using the hub, you can, for example, show a presentation from your phone and charge your tablet at the same time, or vice versa.

Connector for fast charging

The hub has a PD (PowerDelivery) connector for high-speed smart charging. A gadget that has this function “monitors” the battery capacity of the device being charged, and selects the optimal current and voltage. The technology allows you to bring the power up to 100 watts. «Macbook» from the PD connector is charged in an hour and a half.

Transmission of audio and video to the monitor

Recently we wrote about the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) standard — a format for transmitting audio and video signals in high quality. The hub has an HDMI 2.0 connector, which allows you to use it as an adapter for connecting a computer to a projector or monitor. Connect your computer to a 4K plasma (that’s more than Full HD) and you won’t miss a beat of color or sound.

The hub is also useful for gamers — for connecting a TV and a game console.

Other benefits

— The hub has a stylish case, which does not leave fingerprints. Materials — aluminum alloy and tempered glass.

— Plug and Play technology allows you to do without installing drivers — you just connect the hub, and everything works.

A multifunctional hub can be a great gift. A series of spring holidays is ahead, so you should start preparing surprises for your loved ones now!


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